How Magnite Streaming unlocks the power, performance and precision of streaming ads

Magnite Team

February 7, 2023 | 4 min read

By Paige Bilins, Senior Vice President, Product Management

Consumers are embracing streaming as their preferred method for watching TV, increasingly adopting ad-supported services. As the share of ad spend continues to shift to streaming, the need for more efficient and effective workflows also grows. Magnite Streaming has been developed to simplify the buying and selling of streaming ads, fuelling CTV and OTT budgets in environments that benefit from the power of collaboration, efficiency and innovation driven performance, with precise audience targeting.

Magnite Streaming is the culmination of over 10 years of innovation in CTV/OTT, bringing together Magnite CTV and SpotX to create a world-class SSP. As streaming viewership grows and consumers demand quick and seamless access to an array of content, media owners are looking to integrate and manage high quality CTV and OTT ad experiences across a diverse portfolio of channels to drive higher yields. All the while providing buyers with the inventory, audiences and measurability they’re demanding. Magnite Streaming’s guiding principles can be summarized within the 3 Ps of power, performance and precision.

Power of collaboration, capabilities and marketplaces

A number of trends have seen increasing collaboration between the sell and buy sides; from Supply Path Optimization and the search for more efficient supply paths, challenges around identity, and demand for transparency across auctions, inventory quality and sustainability. At the same time, we’ve seen a continued shift from linear to digital TV which means media owners need to manage and monetize more dynamic types of streaming content including live, video-on-demand (VOD), addressable linear, OTT and CTV.

Magnite Streaming helps media owners implement ways to offer buyers improved inventory access, audience addressability, and more efficient workflows that continue to protect data and consumers’ privacy. For instance, inventory management and optimization across deals including PG, PMPs, and open auction to provide buyers and sellers with the control and transparency to run successful campaigns. Inventory curation tools purpose-built for video such as advanced podding, frequency capping and reserved/upfront inventory management are all part of Magnite Streaming’s robust capabilities for maximizing seller inventory to drive increased yield and performance.

Performance-driven efficiencies and monetization

Performance encapsulates the success of campaigns as well as the efficient workflows involved in filling and serving ads, all the while maintaining an optimal user experience where viewers demand quality, relevant content delivered in a fast, seamless and reliable manner. In order to finely balance these requirements we’re equipping media owners with a range of tools supported by detailed, real-time reporting with insights, alerts and troubleshooting.

Magnite’s traffic shaping builds an efficient, quality, and scalable path to premium supply enabling media owners to prioritize the bids that will result in better yields. Magnite’s technology leverages machine learning to understand variations in buying across DSPs and prioritizes traffic accordingly to ensure optimal monetization.

Within the context of the growing live streaming inventory, there’s an opportunity to engage users at moments when they’re watching their favorite teams. Ensuring the workflows are in place to manage bursts of ad requests, allowing DSPs to process large volumes of complex decisioning in a short time frame without interruption, is critical. This is where innovations such as Magnite’s Live Stream Acceleration play a big role as live streaming continues to grow.

Precision targeting of audiences

Whilst CTV has never relied upon third-party cookies for audience targeting, Google’s impending deprecation has put a big focus on audience addressability across channels, with first-party data particularly put into the spotlight. Providing advertisers with secure, profitable access to precise audiences at the right time while maintaining complete control over their valuable audience data has become a key objective for media owners in CTV and OTT just as much as other channels.

As a result, media owners are looking to enrich data and add value to the streaming impressions they deliver by activating their own first-party data, advertiser first-party data and third-party data with protections in place to keep data safe. Magnite’s multi-faceted audience activation features include first-party data fuelled seller defined audiences, third-party data integrations, and secure data matching. These options enable advertisers and media owners to execute against valuable data and insights, optimizing campaigns through customizable measurement and reporting tools to make fully informed decisions.

Unlocking the 3 Ps

A single CTV platform built for power, precision, and performance, Magnite Streaming is the only CTV/OTT SSP providing an unparalleled scale of inventory, industry-leading audiences and targeting capabilities, packaged with the tools, reporting, and support to drive yield and accelerate media owners’ businesses. Streamlining and simplifying core features and functionality, Magnite Streaming continues our vision of driving an open internet where media owners thrive, buyers seamlessly reach their audiences across any screen, and consumers have privacy-friendly access to an array of content.

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