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Introducing the Magnite Marketplace Activation Team

Magnite Team

August 4, 2020 | 3 min read

At Magnite, we are focused on how we can better serve both buyers and sellers and a key part of that is figuring out how we can bring buyers and sellers closer together. To better support this goal, we’ve recently formed the Marketplace Activation team which spearheads premium marketplace initiatives across our buyer and seller teams. We caught up with Sara Tady, who heads up the team, to learn more about the opportunities we’re helping publishers and advertisers bring to light. 

How did the idea of the Marketplace Activation Team come about?

Rubicon Project and Telaria both had a history of working to bring buyers and sellers together, and now as Magnite, we have an opportunity to leverage our omnichannel scale to truly drive better outcomes for our buyers and publishers. We’re taking a hands-on approach to ensure our buyers are reaching the right audiences and that our sellers have visibility into campaigns that complement their inventory.

How will your team work with publishers and buyers?

The Market Activation team works with buyer and seller teams to create cohesive strategies for initiatives including omnichannel buying strategies, programmatic guaranteed deals, private marketplace deals, and identity strategies. Our omnichannel experience, which encompasses all formats from CTV to audio, enables us to advise our clients on the best ways to activate across a variety of channels.

How does the Marketplace Activation Team surface new opportunities for publishers and buyers?

We partner with buy- and sell-side teams to identify key “across the aisle” strategic initiatives and help clients develop and manage a funnel to track, execute, and evaluate the impact of these opportunities for their business. We are streamlining our processes on both the buy- and sell-sides to ensure that we are able to further scale our demand activation programs. 

Can you give an example of a campaign or initiative that you’re currently working on?

Sure! In light of recent events, we have seen many buyers have a heightened urgency to build out what’s being coined “socially responsible” marketplaces. These curated marketplaces include publishers that support positive social change. We are proud to help power these initiatives through custom Auction Packages and curated 1:1 PMPs.  We have direct relationships with hundreds of premium publishers and have the flexibility to customize any package or site list to fit a buyer’s needs.  

Which premium marketplace initiatives are you particularly excited about?

I’m personally excited to build out our full omnichannel marketplace, including CTV. The team will be focused on activating the strategy and streamlining the premium executions – mainly through PMP and PG. We’re working on helping to clearly define the buying strategies and putting processes in place so we can execute buyer asks quicker and more efficiently. Another key project  we’re working on is better classifying our publishers’s offerings – whether it be 1st party data, ability to accept pharmaceutical ads, video durations, and so on, so that we have a more comprehensive repository to match buyers and sellers for key initiatives.

How should clients get in touch with your team?

Be on the lookout for emails from myself and our Market Activation team as we identify opportunities. If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or MarketActivation@Magnite.com 

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