Streaming TV Advertising – An Untapped Opportunity for Media Buyers in Australia

Magnite Team

September 28, 2023 | 1 min read

Streaming is accelerating in Australia, captivating consumer attention like never before. Compared to social media scrolling and swift ad-skipping – streaming viewers are immersed.

Streaming is the platform that provides a quality viewing experience.  And for its performance? It wins the trust game over social media, with 83% of ad-supported viewers placing a high level of trust in the ads they see on streaming, which leads to heightened engagement and recall.

Our research also revealed that 65% of TV viewers opt for ad-supported services, and more than half of non-streamers are willing to sign up for free or reduced-cost ad-supported subscriptions in the near future.

This makes it a great opportunity for marketers to amplify their brand impact across screens and reach a highly engaged audience.

Download the full report ‘Streaming TV’s New Era’ to learn more.

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