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Browsi increases won impressions for LADbible Group through Magnite’s Demand Manager Control Center

Magnite Team

November 8, 2022 | 4 min read

Control Center is a hub for Prebid modules within Magnite’s Demand Manager platform which makes it easier for publishers to add and test third party vendors – such as Browsi – to help grow revenue and improve user experience.

Having launched Control Center in 2021 primarily as a turnkey solution for managing third party Identity modules, Magnite has since expanded its capabilities to enable the addition of other third party vendors, while continuing to relieve publishers of the associated development work, contract admin, and billing. Leading AI technology SaaS company Browsi was the first third party vendor to launch within Control Center and LADbible Group is one of the first publishers to take advantage of this integration to manage personalized AI-based ad experiences in one place.

Giving inventory a personalized touch

LADbible Group has a monthly global audience approaching one billion across a number of well known brands including the original LADbible as well as UNILAD, GAMINGbible, SPORTbible, Tyla and more. With its network attracting such a huge amount of impressions, maximizing the value of those impressions is a key objective. To optimize these audience opportunities, LADbible looked to Magnite for a solution that could provide simplicity of setup, flexibility to test and iterate, and the ability to maximize results.

Leveraging the Browsi Lite solution on GAMINGbible enabled the optimization of impressions for viewability, finding the best placements and layouts for ads to perfectly fit each individual user, in order to create more opportunities to monetize each impression. Demand Manager’s Control Center provided a simplified method of integrating Browsi’s Lite solution into LADbible Group’s ad tech stack by centralizing vendor management and relieving them of the associated development work, contract admin, and billing.

“I’ve used Browsi at previous publishers and have always seen success, but this is the first time integrating it using Magnite’s Control Center, which has made a big difference from a resource perspective which frees our devs up to focus on other things. We’re continuing to deploy Browsi across more of our sites, with the plan to increase personalized inventory by more than 50% because purely hard coded ad units assume that every user reads the same way, every article is designed in the same way, every user behaves or scrolls in the same way – and they don’t.” Sherzod Rizaev, Director of Commercial Operations at LADbible Group

Balancing UX with revenue

Browsi’s Incremental and In-View Ad Refresh features use machine learning algorithms to find the optimal ad layout on the page for each user in real time. Using those features, publishers are able to create dynamic rules to show more or less ads depending on the user, their behavior, and the content they’re viewing and can ensure ads are located in the right place for each specific user. This allows publishers to balance user experience and revenue in real time, keeping their impression waste to minimum. For example, on live pages on SPORTbible covering transfer rumors or results, LADbible may want a user experience that involves less ads.

During initial testing on GAMINGbible, incremental ad positioning was used within the page, inserting the dynamic algorithmic ad through Browsi via the Control Center. Within one week of pushing the feature, there was a 39.5% increase in won impressions.

Room to grow and drive more success

Due to the quick and noticeable success of the test, LADbible Group removed its hard coded ad units and Google Publisher Tag code in favor of the Browsi integration across all of GAMINGbible. With more sites lined up for testing – including UNILAD and Tyla – LADbible Group’s team is successfully spending less time on ad unit configurations and more time driving results. The Browsi integration through Control Center brings simplicity to configuring and testing ads, as well as removing the admin work associated with bringing on a third party vendor, all of which saves time and resources that can be invested elsewhere.

“Being able to offer publishers the streamlined and powerful offering that comes with two tech vendors like Magnite and Browsi working seamlessly together is critical in making publishers’ lives easier, leaving their devs to invest their time elsewhere” Asaf Shamly, CEO & Co-Founder at Browsi

For Magnite, Demand Manager’s Control Center continues to grow, adding more third party vendors to centralize vendor management and relieving publishers of the associated development work, contract work, and billing.

“Being able to integrate third party vendors such as Browsi into our offering at Magnite bolsters our ability to simplify publisher operations so they can focus their efforts on creating great content for their users that creates maximum revenue opportunities.” Garrett McGrath, SVP Product at Magnite

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