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Day in the Life: Tasha Kaur, Head of Operations, Asia

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June 29, 2023 | 3 min read

Tasha, our head of operations in Asia, takes us through a typical day in her life. Tasha is based in Magnite’s Singapore office. 

Magnite’s Day in the Life series dives into the various people and teams that make up the world’s largest independent sell-side ad company.

How would you explain what you to do to someone outside the industry?

I really think my answer has evolved over the last few years. I work with a tech platform that interacts with buyers and sellers to power ads in the most efficient way possible. With the buyers, we are working closely to facilitate their ad spend by deciding where ads should go to achieve their key success metrics. With the sellers, we are working with them to effectively monetise their content.

How did you first break into ad tech?

Originally, I had plans to focus on journalism in Singapore. It was a very niche industry back then, so I had to widen my scope. I applied for a role in an advertising network in Singapore where my key focus was on account serving and management. My colleagues, together with my mentor, taught me the ropes of ad tech and operations. 

How does your department and team help support Magnite and Magnite’s clients as a whole? What other departments do you facilitate with the most?

We work holistically across all departments, with the largest interactions between Demand Facilitation, Product and Tech Ops.

Externally – on a daily basis, we are speaking with programmatic buyers and traders. By having a good understanding of a brand’s needs, we showcase our supply sources that can accomplish campaign goals more effectively.

On the supply-side, we continue to be the voice of our clients and share what is needed for our publishers to be set up for success (i.e. current trends, research etc.) to maximise their revenue. 

What does a typical day at Magnite look like for you?

My morning always starts with the US, where I am trying to get the latest and greatest on the product front or working with team members on active tickets or everything migration that is happening right now. 

Most of the day is spent on meetings and calls, either with my team navigating day-to-day challenges or externally on partnerships that we can explore in Asia. 

Talk about a recent project that you’re proud of yourself and your team for accomplishing.

I have to say it is the team that we have built in Asia. We spent a lot of time, and energy trying to find the right people for some of our key roles while maintaining a great culture and environment. This effort paid off! 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

No two days are alike, and I am sure to learn something new every day.

Do you have any advice for people looking to learn more about ad tech and your particular department?

Never be too shy to ask a question, share a point of view and network! Everyone is learning something new every day. 

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