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Demand Manager’s Control Center Is a Turnkey Solution for Managing Third-Party Vendors

Jeff Lustig, Product Manager, Demand Manager, at Magnite

September 5, 2023 | 3 min read

Growing complexity in the ad tech industry makes it difficult to test and measure new vendors and easily see the impact. Publishers need a quick and efficient way to activate new partners without the hassle of managing contracts, billing arrangements, and development work – all of which can take months to complete – for each individual new partner. Demand Manager’s Control Center helps publishers save time and grow revenue by centralizing third-party technology into a single user interface.

Control Center is available to all users with Demand Manager access and gives easy implementation and management to publishers.

Bottom line: Magnite is the only true one-stop shop for end-to-end vendor management, from implementation to optimization — all while providing an easy-to-use experience for publishers. 

Control Center helps publishers save time and grow revenue with Prebid in three ways.

1. Single, Easy Click-to-Sign Contract

Control Center streamlines the entire vendor management process for publishers, including more than just the technical integration. 

Publishers click to accept standard terms and conditions, providing access to all potential partners in Control Center. Then, publishers can immediately start the process of testing and implementing new vendors – all within the UI!

Following the simple click-to-accept, publishers can navigate through all available Control Center partners, that Magnite has direct relationships with, and can activate without individual contracts. Months of redlines and negotiations no longer exist, giving publishers more time to focus on the core areas of their business.

2. Seamless Vendor Onboarding, Management, and A/B Testing with Prebid

Control Center is a core pillar of Demand Manager, an intuitive yield management tool and UI with on-demand support for managing Prebid. Control Center offers seamless implementation, management, and optimization of many third-party vendors.

The curated partners available in Magnite’s Control Center are vendors who specialize in:

  • User ID modules (identity)
  • ad block recovery
  • data and enrichment
  • ad quality and more 

Many Control Center partners include pre-populated options for one-click configurations. It’s as easy as the switch of a toggle.

To help publishers best understand what drives engagement and revenue, Control Center is integrated with Demand Manager’s leading A/B testing and Prebid analytics tools to give publishers the ability to benchmark each partner and gauge performance. Demand Manager’s analytics and granular insights provide publishers with a 360° view of performance, allowing for intelligent optimization. 

To A/B test a partner after they have been implemented in an account, all a publisher needs to do is create an experiment wrapper with the partner included in the wrapper. Publishers can allocate any portion of their wrapper’s traffic and see the impact of the partner almost immediately. If publishers need help along the way, Magnite’s dedicated account management and technical support teams are there to help configure partners and help with measurement. 

3. Streamlined Billing

In addition to a single click-to-sign contract and one-tap implementation, the Demand Manager team efficiently manages billing for every Control Center partner, so publishers no longer have to worry about monthly invoicing and payments.

Magnite negotiates best-in-market rates for each of our Control Center partners on behalf of our publishers. All a publisher has to do is agree in writing that they accept the rate, and then one-click onboarding begins.

Overall, Demand Manager’s intuitive UI, unified reporting, and analytics tools with on-demand support from our ad ops and yield management experts, makes Magnite best equipped to help publishers manage and enrich their inventory. 

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