How Demand Manager Helps Publishers Scale Deals through Prebid

Magnite Team

June 30, 2022 | 4 min read

Publishers are always looking for better ways to scale their deals. Here, deal prioritization plays a key role in impacting reach, sell-through rate, and revenue.

While Prebid offers innovative and transparent solutions for header bidding, managing Prebid can prove complex. To address this, upcoming enhancements to Demand Manager’s Line Item Management Tool will streamline the setup and prioritization of deals through Prebid, helping publishers scale and monetize their campaigns.

During Magnite’s Demand Manager: Revolutionizing PG and PMPs in Header Bidding webinar, our partners shared why they choose to scale their deals through Prebid using Demand Manager.

Demand Manager Solves for Traditional Prebid Hurdles Around Deal Strategy

Prebid deal prioritization can be a heavy lift. Manually updating the prioritization of deal line items into GAM is complex and time-consuming. Publishers need to painstakingly piece together a holistic dataset to benchmark demand sources effectively regarding performance data. 

New features in Demand Manager address these issues by providing a centralized control center where publishers can run all their deals, giving them more transparency and control. 

Three pillars of Demand Manager put more control in publishers’ hands. 

  1. Transparency 

Publishers can’t always tell why certain deals are winning over others. Demand Manager gives publishers full insight into how their deal-based and open market demand compete so that they can prioritize intelligently. With Demand Manager, publishers get full visibility into their ad stack, allowing them to priortize and be more likely to win deals they are targeting.  

They also have the flexibility to prioritize deals based on campaign KPIs, choose which partners to run deals through, and update deal prioritization based on campaign performance.

  1. Standardization

Demand Manager’s tools enable publishers to prioritize and integrate all their deals through the same setup. Publishers can run all open market, PMP, and PG deals through a centralized configuration to help maximize efficiency and revenue.

  1. Increased Yield Opportunities

Centralized reporting gives publishers a holistic view into all of their ad stack monetization — so they can test different deal priorities and maximize results. With A/B testing and rich analytics, publishers can utlize data to predict how deals are performing. The Demand Manager UI lets publishers change prioritization in-flight to help maximize win rate and performance.

New Demand Manager Features Drive Additional Deal Spend

At Magnite, we’re always in step with our publishers to anticipate their next needs. To that end, we’ve developed new features, including Automated Deal Line Item Management and Analytics, to enhance deal management through Prebid.

Automated Deal Line Item Creation

Until now, if a publisher wanted to run a PG deal through Prebid, they would have to enter those line items manually. Automated Deal Line Item creation changes that. This new feature simplifies the implementation of PG and PMP line items through Prebid.

Automated Deal Line Item Creation includes: 

— Prioritized PMP and PG line item setup integrated within the DM workflow

— Simplified GAM setup to facilitate efficient yield optimization

— Sponsorship/standard deal line item creation

— Transparent, holistic view of all of a publisher’s deals to help the publisher hit campaign KPIs

Automated Deal Line Items also help publishers standardize their deals across all bidders, whereas previously, each partner would have to be configured separately. 


Enhanced Analytics provide transparent insights across all demand, all in one place. Demand Manager’s Analytics include: 

— Data-driven insights to drive prioritization strategy

— A centralized location to benchmark Demand Manager deals against all demand sources (AdX, Preferred deals, open market, OB, direct sales, etc.)

— Aggregated reporting and/or A/B testing on one point of data and different ID modules to help enrich deal requests

Meeting the Needs of Our Publishers

Publishers voiced that they’re looking for better ways to scale their deals and gain more control over campaign KPIs — with greater transparency. Here, Magnite stepped in to fill the void.

Looking ahead, publishers will continue to look at deal prioritization to drive scale and revenue. New features like Automated Deal Line Item Creation and Enhanced Analytics help unlock the value of PMP and PG deals on Prebid as never before. 

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