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How Magnite Access maximizes the value of audience data assets for media owners and advertisers

By Talia Comorau, VP of Product Management at Magnite

June 15, 2023 | 4 min read

Media owners and advertisers require a range of audience, data, and identity tools to empower their omnichannel businesses as identity shifts toward the sell side. Launching the Magnite Access suite is the culmination of continued innovation across a number of solutions that enable media owners to embrace new ways of activating audience data at scale. By making audience data more accessible, actionable and addressable, media owners can maximize the value of their audience data assets, while advertisers can continue reaching their desired audiences across channels.

Simplifying the complicated

In this emerging audience and identity paradigm, media owners can play a pivotal role in shifting the onboarding, activation and ultimately the decisioning to the sell-side. Magnite Access provides media owners with the toolkit they need to activate audience segments based on encrypted first-party data, contextual data and behavioral data, providing them with the foundation they need. This foundation supports a thriving open internet that can meaningfully compete with walled gardens.

Magnite Access is an omnichannel audience product suite that makes it easier for streaming, display, and online video media owners – and their advertisers – to maximize their data assets today and in the future.

Magnite Access Includes:

  • Magnite DMP for first-party audience creation and management including contextual segmentation.
  • Magnite Match to match and share encrypted first-party data.
  • Magnite Storefront for activating buyer and seller first-party data and the buying and selling of third-party data–from discovery to activation.
  • Magnite Audiences are cross publisher segments that drive new revenue for publishers.

Interoperability by Design

Magnite Access was built with interoperability in mind. Advertisers and media owners can leverage their own audience data by onboarding their data to Access directly or via first- and third-party DMP Integrations. Media owners can choose to activate segments created in the Magnite DMP within Magnite or in another platform of their choice. And both media owners and advertisers can choose to activate encrypted first-party data either by leveraging Magnite Match or by using one of our third-party clean room integrations. By building interoperability into each of these solutions, Magnite Access provides media owners and advertisers with the flexibility their business needs.

From Onboarding to Activation

Within Magnite Access there are multiple paths to first-party data activation. The Magnite DMP, for instance, makes it easy for media owners to translate audience insights into first-party segments. There, media owners can seamlessly create and activate audiences in real-time using both manual and automated methods of segment creation. 

With Magnite Match, advertisers and media owners can onboard their encrypted first-party data. Match leverages privacy enhancing technologies to activate that data across Magnite exchanges without the data sets ever being decrypted. And if a media owner or advertiser simply wants to onboard their self-curated traditional audience data, they can access their first-party data and a wide array of third-party data sets within the Magnite Storefront.

Once data has been onboarded within Magnite Access, media owners and advertisers can add to, expand, and transform their audiences. A media owner could, for example, start with an audience created in the Magnite DMP, add on recommended third-party audiences for scale, and then transform their cookie-based audience into CTV IDs for activation on Magnite Streaming. Alternatively, an advertiser could upload a set of encrypted first-party data (via Magnite Match) and activate it across both ClearLine and DV+. 

With each of these steps, media owners and advertisers will be able to review real-time reach and forecasting numbers so they can understand the impact of the changes they’re making. Regardless of the data a buyer or seller wants to leverage or how much scale they’re looking to reach, they’ll be able to find and activate what they need in Magnite Access.

Unlocking the value of audience data

As audience addressability evolves, there’s an opportunity for media owners to leverage their direct relationships with consumers and shift decisioning to the sell side. Even in an unpredictable future, media owners can use flexible approaches to activate against the audiences their advertising partners are looking for. The scale of Magnite’s media owner and advertiser relationships across an ever-growing omnichannel space – including streaming and display – provides a breadth of audience activation that is difficult to find outside of the walled gardens. Ultimately, Magnite Access is being built to enable media owners to maximize the value of their data and inventory assets today while starting to build for the future. 

We will further explore the possibilities and opportunities that Magnite Access unlocks in future blog posts for buyers and sellers. Please look forward to additional content and we welcome you to reach out to your Magnite account manager if you would like to learn more about Magnite Access.

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