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How Streaming Advertising Amplifies Brand Engagement and Impact in Australia & New Zealand

Yael Milbank, Manager Director ANZ, Magnite

December 17, 2023 | 4 min read

In Australia and New Zealand, streaming services have witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. Viewers are increasingly incorporating ad-supported streaming into their viewing habits.

As streaming viewership shifts to ad-supported environments, it’s key for advertisers to keep their finger on the pulse of audience behaviour to fully seize the streaming opportunity.

Our recent research, ‘Streaming TV’s New Era,’ highlights how consumer viewing habits are reshaping the landscape and how ads power streaming’s future in Australia and New Zealand. 

The key takeaways from the report reinforce how streaming TV ads amplify brand impact across screens, making it essential for advertisers to include in any marketing campaign.

A quality channel for showcasing ads 

With a premium viewing experience and professionally produced content, it’s no wonder that streaming has become a main source of entertainment in households.

With a growing number of ad-supported viewers, advertisers can tap into this opportunity and access this premium environment to amplify their ads and connect with highly engaged audiences across TV, mobile, and laptop. Results from our Australian study show that 86% of ad-supported streamers say streaming services provide premium content compared to 55% of social media users who consider social videos to be premium content. Similarly, in New Zealand, 85% say streaming services offer premium content, while just 45% of social media users feel the same about social videos.

The level of satisfaction with the number of ads seen on streaming is also positive, particularly in Australia. 76% of ad-supported viewers are satisfied with the amount of ads they see on streaming, higher than viewers of other channels.

A measured advertising cadence within streaming services ensures brands secure a high share of voice. Advanced tools and technology like ad-podding and competitive separation can help media owners and advertisers control advertising campaigns. This enables them to implement important business rules that maintain both the user experience and the advertising experience. A winning trifecta for brands, media owners, and streaming audiences alike.

Delivering engaged viewers and driving visibility

Not all video environments garner the same level of engagement. Streaming’s immersive environment captivates viewers for extended durations. In Australia, 92% of ad-supported streamers in Australia tend to watch content for longer periods (more than 30 minutes) each time they watch, and 85% of social media users say they usually scroll through their social feed quickly until a post of interest appears.

In New Zealand, we also see that streaming holds viewers’ attention. When watching streaming services, 88% of ad-supported streamers say they are engaged, and 64% of social media users say that social videos do not hold their attention for very long.

Attention is key to lifting brand awareness, and streaming has a clear advantage over social when it comes to ad attention. Amplified Intelligence also reveals that scrollable media show dramatic drops in “actual attention” after two seconds for video ads. Conversely, unscrollable media – video and large-screen TVs – showed largely unchanged attention decay after 20 seconds.

Magnite’s findings further support streaming as a channel for driving brand visibility. In Australia,  57% of ad-supported streamers remember ads they watch most on TV (including streaming services), versus 26% of social media users who remember ads within social media. In New Zealand, 62% of ad-supported streamers remember ads the most within TV (including streaming services), versus 28% of social media users who remember ads within social media. 

Delivering impact 

Streaming services are a trusted medium, with 83% of ad-supported streamers in Australia and 81% in New Zealand trusting the ads they see within TV, on par with traditional TV viewers and significantly higher than that of users who trust ads on social media.

Magnite research also found that cross-device campaigns influence consumers’ purchase decisions, with 69% of ad-supported streamers in Australia and 67% in New Zealand likely to make a purchase from a brand they engaged with across multiple devices.

With ad-supported streaming growing momentum in Australia and New Zealand, advertisers can capitalise on a prime opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience. By showcasing high-production video ads within a premium streaming environment and using programmatic activation for campaigns, advertisers can also access an extensive network of TV channels, platforms, and services and amplify their brand impact and reach across screens and devices.

Magnite’s advanced technology and programmatic controls enable advertisers to precisely and seamlessly reach audiences throughout all phases of marketing campaigns.

Download the full report ‘Streaming TV’s New Era’ to learn more.

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