Rafaella Emsenhuber

Magnite’s Female Powerhouses: Rafaella Emsenhuber

Magnite Team

March 21, 2024 | 3 min read

Rafaella Emsenhuber, Account Director, Buyer, Brazil

This International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Magnite is shining a spotlight on five exceptional women who are making their mark in the ever-evolving ad tech landscape.

This series showcases how these women are shaping the future of Magnite and inspiring the next generation of female leaders in the industry.

Read on to learn about Rafaella’s unique journey and contributions to Magnite.

What woman in history or the present is your role model?

I’ll have to say my sister, who is an amazing doctor and mother of two adorable girls. She makes it look easy to go through all the challenges that both a professional and a mom have to deal with, and she does it happily. I truly admire her discipline in every aspect of life. She is also the best example I could think of since her birthday is on March 8th.

What’s been your biggest challenge as a woman in this industry? Have you overcome it? If so, how?

First of all, be heard. At the beginning of our careers, it is hard to have the self-confidence to intervene or talk every time you have a point. Sometimes, if you are not surrounded by the right leaders and you don’t have the space you should have, even if you have a voice, you might not be heard.

I feel situations like this happen less these days, but when they do, make your points as you should, and do not take it personally. It’s how I deal with it. It says much more about them than about you.

In what ways can women support and empower each other in the workplace? 

Hiring them is a great start! 

When I look back and see all the great relationships I created with women I worked with, there is always reassurance and trust. Women are amazing at open communication, so the more you exchange thoughts, feedback, and advice, the more you can grow together.

Supporting your team is something very easy to say, but must be done on a daily basis. Give them space to lead, back them up on decisions, and be transparent. Reinforce what they are good at so they can keep rising.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to a young woman entering the workforce?

Have the sensibility of reading the room in every situation. Recognize other women you can lean on, and trust your gut when some situation or person feels wrong. Of course, it is very personal, and it depends a lot on the moment of your life, but if you can, never stay in a department/company where you feel unheard. It is never worth it.

How do you approach building and maintaining professional networks as a woman in the ad tech sector? What advice would you offer women looking to expand their connections in the industry? 

I like to reach out to women and be clear when I admire them or if I feel like I need some mentoring or advice. Let them know you look up to them when you have a chance. You will see that opportunities will open up much easier.

Be confident in your skills and authentic in your interactions. Networking is about building relationships based on trust and mutual respect, and, of course, a glass of wine every now and then is also part of the job.

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