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Simplifying the Programmatic Pipeline: Magnite Introduces New CTV DSP Integrations with The Trade Desk and Yahoo

Magnite Team

September 21, 2023 | 2 min read

Supply path optimization is not a new trend in digital advertising, but its execution is constantly evolving. The latest approach to SPO is to create additional paths from DSPs to publishers, providing additional scalable routes between buyers and sellers. This is in the pursuit of more working media and better performance, which, in turn, brings more advertising dollars to digital and specifically to programmatic.

As part of these market dynamics, Magnite is now offering integrations via our video ad server, SpringServe, with The Trade Desk’s OpenPath and Yahoo Backstage, giving both DSPs and platform clients seamless access. 

Now more than ever, publishers need sophisticated technology that works for them. Magnite’s new offering will allow publishers to access demand that is available through these DSP products, while still being able to leverage the premium features available through our exchange, all in one place. DSPs will be able to have differentiated access points into publishers while publishers can maintain business rules and interoperability with all the other demand systems needed to execute.

Features like advanced deal management, advanced competition and optimizations, curated marketplaces and traffic shaping will continue to be accessed through Magnite Streaming, and spend can seamlessly move to the Streaming connection to access these features. 

Buyers need a primary route from their DSP to the publisher’s programmatic system. Meanwhile, publishers need to have features and capabilities catered to monetizing this premium experience without building and maintaining bespoke, separate connections to these DSPs and bifurcating their inventory and yield management.  

If you are interested in learning more about Magnite’s programmatic access offering, contact your account manager.

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