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Why BingeWatcher’s Content Review Is Key to Winning this Election Cycle for Publishers

By Chris Signore, Head of Revenue - AdServing

May 9, 2024 | 3 min read

As the election season intensifies, stakes are at an all-time high. Political ad spend is poised to soar beyond a record-breaking $12 billion this year. With an increasing share of campaign budgets directed toward digital platforms like CTV, the potential for publishers is immense.

To fully seize the opportunity, publishers must provide a premium, trustworthy ad experience to addressable voters at scale. 

To do so, CTV and OTT publishers are seeking the best ways to achieve competitive separation, ideal ad frequency, and optimum ad quality while powering viewer engagement. One tool in the publisher’s tool belt to achieve this is BingeWatcher, a creative review tool that gives publishers the ability to confidently vet ad creatives at scale. 

Here’s how BingeWatcher is helping publishers scale this election year.

What Is BingeWatcher? 

BingeWatcher, developed by SpringServe, is a best-in-class creative review tool that’s transforming the landscape of CTV and OTT work streams. It’s a fully automated, scalable, and flexible solution that starkly contrasts the traditional manual process of creative review.

Here’s how it works: BingeWatcher assesses an ad, creates text and keywords for it, and then assigns specific creative metadata attributes to each ad after scanning, downloading, and analyzing it. These attributes fall into three main categories: Creative Language, Creative Context, and Creative Audio Volume. It comprehensively reviews each creative before passing it to the server.

From a publisher’s perspective, BingeWatcher can filter keywords and phrases, allowing for more accurate targeting and messaging. It also monitors visuals and images within ads, which helps to identify and block inappropriate or unwanted content.

Winning the Race of Content Review 

The traditional creative audit process, which depends on tedious manual approval, doesn’t meet the needs of political advertising, which may need to change or launch a campaign on the fly. 

For media owners, BingeWatcher offers scalability and control, ensuring quality media is making its way through the supply path. It also gives CTV publishers best-in-class tools to ensure ad podding, creative deduplication, and competitive ad exclusions for an improved user experience.

Ultimately, as we hurdle toward the November election, CTV is set to play a crucial, if not decisive, role. Its advanced targeting capabilities allow political marketers to segment and reach portions of the desired electorate, all in a big-screen, immersive TV environment. To keep up with CTV demand in an ever-changing political landscape, tools like BingeWatcher can help publishers scale this election year and make political ad dollars go further.

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