Deal Discovery Enhances PMP Activation for Buyers and Sellers

Magnite Team

May 9, 2022 | 3 min read

PMPs are a popular way to buy and sell inventory programmatically because they combine the benefits of both direct deals and RTB auctions.

However, since their conception, PMP mechanics have largely remained stagnant with the potential to better serve all parties. On the sell-side, setting up private marketplaces can be a time-consuming, manual process. Meanwhile, applying actionable insights against PMP inventory has proven difficult for buyers — insights that could help unearth target audiences. 

Magnite recently launched a product called Deal Discovery to improve these capacities. 

Deal Discovery is a self-service user interface that facilitates PMP deal creation across display, online video, DOOH, and audio formats. The tool lets buyers request single or multi-publisher PMP deals in minutes and surface under-exposed audiences by layering in first-party data and other campaign parameters. Sellers can use the tool to unlock new demand and fast-track workflows, bringing unparalleled transparency and control to the deal process.

Benefits for Buyers

Deal Discovery’s intuitive interface allows buyers to discover untapped audiences and boost incremental reach for campaigns.

Among other benefits, Deal Discovery empowers buyers to: 

  • Discover PMP inventory that delivers against campaign-specific parameters (e.g., buyers can find additional pockets of inventory to maximize reach and frequency goals).
  • Include additional sellers, and add/remove DSPs with publishers to streamline workflow. 
  • Harness additional control around deals, such as the ability to cancel, pause, or restart a deal, and add and remove publishers if it’s a multi-seller deal.
  • Message PMP sellers directly.
  • Identify audio and DOOH PMP inventory, two formats that are not available in open exchange Auction Packages.

Benefits for Publishers

Deal Discovery allows publishers to be discovered by new and existing buyers, unlocking new demand. Through the Deal Discovery user interface, publishers can directly message buyers in real-time and expedite the approval of requested deals. In this way, Deal Discovery streamlines the management of PMP inventory, pricing, and DSP selection with buyers, resulting in increased efficiency and control. 

With Deal Discovery, sellers can:

  • Negotiate and communicate directly with buyers from within the DV+ platform.
  • Control all pricing and inventory details.
  • Secure new PMP opportunities including general PMP inquiries and PMP deal setup requests.

Deal Discovery Drives PMP Outcomes

Ultimately, Magnite’s position on the axis between buyers and sellers allows us to deliver against the unique needs of each party. To optimize the PMP deal process, we developed Deal Discovery to increase addressability, improve workflow, and provide greater overall PMP campaign visibility.

Deal Discovery can be implemented at any stage of the buying process – whether it’s in the initial buyer introduction, deal generation, or even during the last mile of the deal activation process. To learn more, please reach out to

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