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Maximising TV Investments in Australia and New Zealand

Magnite Team

June 21, 2023 | 4 min read

Broadcaster video on demand (BVOD) has experienced remarkable growth. In Australia, there’s been a notable revenue increase of 23 per cent year-over-year (ThinkTV). Meanwhile, in New Zealand, BVOD continues to gain popularity, up 2 per cent year-on-year (ThinkTV), with 1 in 3 New Zealanders every week logging in to watch premium video content.

The shift comes as advertisers increasingly understand the value of incorporating BVOD into their campaigns. With BVOD, brands have the advantage of leveraging first-party data segments to reach audiences, and deliver highly personalised messaging that align with audience preferences. This helps ensure greater relevance and engagement, ultimately helping advertisers achieve their campaign goals.

We chatted with some of ANZ’s leading broadcasters about the benefits of BVOD advertising for marketers and their strategies for optimising investments in this rapidly evolving economic landscape.

Target an engaged audience

BVOD provides an opportunity to reach an engaged and attentive audience that is interested in watching high-quality content. 

Nev Hasan, executive director of agency sales at Foxtel Media, told Magnite, “Incremental audiences that are typically hard to reach are coming onto these platforms to engage with premium content such as live sports and drama. In these premium environments where people are passionate about the content, they will drive higher levels of attention and engagement and deliver better brand outcomes.”

Hasan added that consistency throughout the year is key to longevity. “There’s economic pressure, but there are still customers out there with disposable income. Having a level of consistency means they stay front of mind, communicating to the audience the benefits of their product, and preventing competitors from surpassing them.”

Level up with programmatic activation

Programmatic advertising can be particularly effective for delivering BVOD campaigns, as it allows for greater precision in reaching the right viewers, resulting in higher engagement rates and better ROI for advertisers.

“Programmatic advertising has increased significantly for TVNZ over the past few years mainly because it brings automation and flexibility to their advertisers and agencies,” Jodi O’Donnell, commercial director at TVNZ, explained. “It allows them to work with the available data and deliver their customer’s marketing goals.”

Future-proof your strategies by addressing impending privacy concerns now

Australia’s impending legislative changes are likely to reshape the data and privacy ecosystem as we know it and it’s key that brands start future-proofing audience targeting and addressability now. 

Dean La Rosa, head of commercial data at Seven West Media, is already talking to buyers about what the future looks like for their targeting and addressable strategies.

When it comes to transparency and consent initiatives, “Seven has signed up to an industry-endorsed framework to give buyers a look under the hood on how addressable segments are built, each of their data inputs, the content, and all the targeting options across the network,” La Rosa explained.

Brands that are proactive in future-proofing strategies now will ultimately have access to secure and scalable audiences in the future and continue to hit their campaign goals.

To remain competitive and drive long-term growth, continue investing in your brand, especially during this time of economic change. Consider how BVOD can complement your marketing channel mix in your next campaign. BVOD can be an effective tool for maximising your ad dollars by providing more precise targeting, measurement and analytics, a safer advertising environment, and more flexible ad options.

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