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Building the Future of TV Advertising

Note: This post originally appeared on the Telaria website.

Linear TV has never been more vulnerable. This isn’t news. If you’re in our industry, you know this by now. 

In an age where viewers are consuming content across a multitude of platforms and devices, one thing is clear—the future of TV is connected. 

Cord-cutting has become mainstream. Just look for yourself—the data doesn’t lie:

  • 30% of US households are no longer reachable via traditional TV 
  • Over 4 million cable subscribers cut the cord last year alone. 
  • 84% of Gen Z viewers, the newest audience being chased by advertisers, describe streaming as merely watching TV. There is no difference to them. 

While the amount of TV viewing hasn’t changed, what has changed is how and where it’s being consumed. And since the beginning of time, where viewers go, advertisers follow. 

As the platform that has been video-first since day one, Telaria has been preparing for this day since the very beginning. We’re built for CTV, and we’re consistently developing tools to help publishers thrive in this new world in order to make CTV the best experience in television.

Here are three ways Telaria is building the future of TV advertising:

We’re creating a better advertising experience than linear.

Viewers are the most important asset a publisher has, and in a world with endless choices, keeping viewers happy is paramount. Telaria understands this and has built tools that ensure the advertising experience is as premium as the content it surrounds. 

CTV provides the lean back nature of linear, with the data-rich promise of digital. This means our platform delivers targeted, relevant ads in big screen environments where the viewer has chosen to engage. Linear TV has typically been used to achieve top of the funnel metrics. CTV, however, gives advertisers the full funnel. 

We’ve also built robust creative controls that detect and measure the volume of the ads, protecting viewers from ads that are much louder than the show they are watching. 

We manage the most complex advertiser requirements in an instant.

Before CTV hit the mainstream, it wasn’t uncommon to see the same exact ads running back-to-back, or for one competitor brand to run alongside another.  Issues that are mere annoyances to viewers, however, can be a major roadblock to unlocking brand spend on CTV.

Telaria has built solutions that not only protect against frequency capping and competitive separation requirements, but our advanced ad pods suite automatically manages the most advanced business rules required by advertisers. Whether it’s handling entire advertiser or industry blocks, or being able to juggle time-of-day requests, or even government regulations, we are able to facilitate smooth transactions in milliseconds, helping publishers maximize revenue against their CTV/OTT supply. 

We help publishers unlock the true value of content 

Telaria offers publishers a way to learn granular insights that can tell them just how desirable their content is to advertisers. Now, everything from genre and content duration, down to an individual series or episode can be analyzed to determine how much demand is out there. Publishers can then use that information to package content to advertisers in a way that drives the most value for their supply, while giving brands exactly what they are looking for.

CTV platforms are also sitting on a ton of valuable audience data. The ability to package this data to advertisers and deliver messages to viewers based on what they know about them makes all supply valuable, not just primetime supply. Reaching a viewer at midnight with a relevant ad is arguably more valuable than reaching a viewer you know nothing about at 8pm. 

CTV holds endless promise for publishers, viewers, and advertisers. The future of TV is connected, and Telaria is building the future of TV advertising—come learn how our platform can help publishers succeed in a connected world.

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