Gareth Glaser, Senior Director of Product Management
3 min read

Demand Manager’s 2021 Year in Review and What’s Next for 2022

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a good time to reflect on where we’ve been – and look toward new horizons.

This year, Demand Manager evolved from a header bidding tool into a full unified offering. In 2021, key additions to Demand Managers included: 

  • Wrapper Targeting, which provided new ways to subdivide traffic and A/B test
  • PBA 2.0’s powerful new datasets to help optimize monetization
  • DM’s Line Item Management Service (LIMS) to support new edge cases and automate the line item process

Demand Manager introduced a robust new Reporting Suite and dynamic A/B testing tools to help publishers drive more yield.

Prebid Analytics 2.0 (PBA2), enabled sellers to benchmark Demand Manager’s performance against other demand sources such as Direct Sales, Open Bidding, and more. As many Magnite clients have widely adopted an A/B testing mindset, Demand Manager’s new Ad Ops Tool enables publishers to configure and measure A/B test results in real-time, so they can continually optimize the wrapper.  

We’ve already seen the ability to test any component of a header bidding wrapper bear fruit.  Using the custom code injection method alongside the A/B testing targeting, some top demand manager clients  were able to modify core JS in order to increase yield by 30% or more.  Needless to say, this would not have been possible without the analytics system to provide detailed insights into where this additional yield came from – provided in-line by PBA 2.0.

With a commitment to constant innovation, Magnite debuted value-add tools to help publishers further measure and monetize their business. 

We also released Control Center for Identity, an identity management system that will continue to deliver a major impact in 2022. The Control Center is a consolidated UI to help publishers manage all the third-party identity providers. Publishers can set defaults, manage different parameter sets, improve workflows, and make tracking identity providers’ performance easy. Additionally, publishers have the ability to select, customize, and include/exclude providers on a provider by provider basis. As identity continues to evolve rapidly, DM’s Control Center provides buyers and sellers with best-in-class tools to manage and measure a range of identity solutions.

Looking to 2022: Demand Manager New Year’s Resolutions

With more premium publishers joining our Demand Manager community, their feedback and engagement have informed new, exciting product developments for 2022. Next year, Demand Manager is focusing on three unifying themes: 

1. Make (AdOps) Life Easier: This means fewer keystrokes, clicks, and easier-to-understand UIs. Tools will be quicker, more intuitive, and more efficient.

2. Blaze the Trail: Magnite’s not chasing Prebid rollouts. We’re anticipating publishers’ needs to define what comes next. This means continuing to invest in the greater programmatic community and staying at the cutting edge of header bidding.

3. Beyond Wrapper Management: Demand Manager supplies a plethora of services and tools. This includes everything from custom development to on-page troubleshooting, to ad operations setup. As a comprehensive platform, we’re now pushing the envelope to service other components of publisher software and monetization. 

Overall, Demand Manager is a best-in-class solution that’s constantly adapting to user needs and driving innovation in the heading bidder arena. As we close out the year, we can look back to see how Demand Manager’s value-add tools have powered business outcomes for our clients. Looking ahead, Demand Manager will continue to help drive publisher yield and revenue in 2022.