Gareth Glaser, Senior Director of Product Management
3 min read

Demand Manager’s New Control Center is a Turnkey Solution for Managing Third-party ID Modules

Control Center simplifies identity management to boost advertiser ROI and publisher revenue.

Growing privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, coupled with the decline of third-party cookies has led publishers to embrace new identity solutions.

Yet the identifier market can be overly complex and unwieldy to manage. Publishers need to be able to configure and activate ID solutions from multiple vendors, then test varying solutions in a centralized, transparent way. 

Enter Demand Manager’s Control Center: a best-in-class tool for identity management, so publishers can reach addressable audiences with efficiency and scale.

Here are some things to know about this enterprise solution:

1. It makes identity management simpler and smarter.

Control Center lives within Demand Manager, an intuitive UI with on-demand support from our Prebid and yield management experts. It offers seamless implementation, management, and optimization of all third-party vendors, providing a centralized, easy-to-use experience for our clients.

Its benefits include: 

  • Offering clients a centralized view of identity modules all in one place.
  • Easy implementation and management, including pre-populated options for users for fast onboarding and configuration.
  • A/B Testing: Users can test within a wrapper for a newly configured Identity Module.
  • Robust Analytics and granular insights provide publishers with a holistic view of performance.   

Control Center comes with constant contact, white-glove service, and is available to all users with Demand Manager access. 

With a user-friendly UI, its Identity Admin allows Magnite’s product team to define new Identity Partners, set Magnite Default Parameters, and modify existing partners to optimize campaigns.

2. It was developed by leading industry experts.

Magnite developed the Prebid User ID Module. So, it stands to reason that Magnite would be the leading expert in providing publishers with the best means of optimizing it. 

In Prebid, many companies offer third-party modules that enhance the functionality of Prebid. Yet publishers find it difficult to wrangle all of them, both contractually and technologically. Workflows become convoluted and inefficient.

With Demand Manager’s Control Center, all modules are centralized, in one place, so publishers save time and operational efficiency while leveraging the maximum power of Prebid IDs. It also streamlines the workflows of doing business with multiple Prebid identity modules and eliminates redundancies.

3. Insights and testing maximize campaign goals.

To help publishers best understand what drives engagement and revenue, Control Center includes A/B testing tools to benchmark identity partners and campaigns against each other.

Users can test within a wrapper for each newly configured Identity Module. Analytics and granular insights provide publishers with a 360 view of performance, allowing for optimization in-flight.  

Armed with Control Center’s insights, revenue teams can properly test and measure the efficacy of different identity providers and build meaningful, actionable, unified datasets.

4. It’s the only one-stop shop in the marketplace.

To make identity management seamless for our partners, we handle all aspects of ID management, end-to-end. While other platforms claim they handle all of the paperwork with ID providers, this is simply not true. Many ID providers either don’t require paperwork or contracts to use Prebid ID modules, while others require the publisher to sign a contract directly with them. Some offer a mere UI, without adding functionality. This is all to say: do your due diligence. 

Bottom line: Magnite is the only true one-stop shop for identity management, from implementation to optimization — all while providing an easy-to-use experience for our clients.

As the world’s largest independent omnichannel sell-side advertising platform, Magnite is best equipped to help publishers monetize their business in light of changing identity standards and practices. 

Ultimately, our industry is evolving. We want to help publishers navigate this change and drive monetization in a cookie-restricted environment. Our Demand Manager suite is known for its flexibility, while also giving more control to publishers. As part of Demand Manager, Control Center is no different.

As identity continues to evolve at a rapid clip, we’re committed to ensuring our buyers and sellers have best-in-class tools to win the control, flexibility, and scale necessary to drive performance and revenue.