Yogesh Sehgal
3 min read

OTT and CTV in Asia are Positioned for Growth: Why Choosing the Right Technology Provider is Important

Asia benefits from the fastest growing OTT subscription rate globally along with high rates of online video consumption. According to eMarketer’s latest estimates, all Asia-Pacific countries will see faster growth in digital video viewers and that momentum will continue through the end of 2024. As more audiences in Asia go online to stream video content, OTT and CTV investment is also poised to expand.

With ad dollars pouring into OTT as well as connected TV (CTV) choosing the right technology provider is more important than ever for publishers to achieve personalised reach, scale, and addressability. Here are some things to look for. 

Best-in-Class, Cutting Edge Technology in a Brand-safe Environment

To take full advantage of OTT and CTV, publishers and buyers will want best-in-class technology. Today’s audiences expect TV-quality video experiences that are seamless. To compete with TV ad quality, publishers need access to real-time insights, granular content level advertising, ad pod functionality as well as competitive separation: in short, a full suite of tools to enhance video performance.

In fast-growing, high-value areas like OTT, CTV, and premium video generally, the allure of high CPMs and a rich audience profile raises the potential for fraud. The optimal technology provider will provide platform-wide transparency and accountability, reducing the chances of fraudulent inventory reaching the buyer. 

Data Driven Flexibility is a Key Differentiator

This year has only drawn further attention to the need for flexibility from programmatic campaigns. With our world and consumption habits in a state of constant shift, publishers need to be able to make data-driven decisions in real-time to optimise campaign outcomes and pivot strategies at a moment’s notice. This is important for all campaigns, but especially those with short flights or live programming. Here, the right OTT and CTV platform will offer a safe environment for publishers to onboard, control and utilise this live data to make quick, informed decisions that drive results.

Using Addressability to Reach the Right Audience

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an explosion of CTV and OTT as people mostly “stay at home”, consuming content on their digital devices. According to eMarketer, 77.5% of internet users in Asia-Pacific watch digital video at least once per month.

When it comes to digital video, advertisers are keen to reach the right audience at the right time which means publishers that can provide addressable opportunities have the upper hand. Having the technology to properly analyze and leverage data to execute precision marketing and facilitate one-to-one communications from marketers to end customers is critical. Advertisers will want to go beyond generic demographic advertising and publishers need technology solutions that can enable them to go granular. They should work with providers who have the technology to deliver show-level, genre, and device targeting, as well as to set allow-list and block-list preferences. 

Independent and Has Your Best Interests In Mind 

A true partner doesn’t show bias. Independent companies are not beholden to another entity and can prioritise all publisher clients equally. Unlike SSPs that are part of bigger companies that also own content or also have a demand-side business, independent companies can provide publishers reassurance around loyalty and fair and equal treatment. 

Ultimately, it’s undeniable that OTT and CTV are growing fast in Asia. When it comes to the competitive and dynamic world of digital video, an ally will facilitate better ways of buying and selling with cutting edge technology, addressability at scale, flexibility and independent status. When choosing who to work with, it’s less about the number of technology providers, but having deeper relationships that deliver greater results. The right technology will focus on OTT and CTV growth and share a commitment to premium publishers in a transparent ecosystem.