Magnite Team
1 min read

SLING TV puts Magnite’s Live Stream Acceleration Into Play

By leveraging LSA for live sports over a five week period, SLING saw a 47% lift in ad conversions.

Live sports programming is expected to be a key growth area for media owners in 2022, providing fresh opportunities for advertisers to connect with highly engaged consumers. Magnite developed Live Stream Acceleration (LSA) to improve time out and ad response time, thereby helping publishers optimize the amount of ad break time they have to monetize. 

Media owners like SLING TV need a way to manage the bursts of ad requests they receive from spikes in viewership while ensuring that ads are served in a timely manner. LSA enables publishers to better handle bursts of supply, regulating the overall QPS to get more requests to the buy-side, which results in less throttling and more fill.

Download the case study below to see how efficiencies via LSA implementation allowed for ad delivery which otherwise would have been lost.