Magnite Announces Global Partnership with Scope3 to Improve Sustainability Across Omnichannel Advertising

Magnite Team

September 13, 2023 | 3 min read

Layering Scope3 data across Magnite’s vast video, display and mobile inventory will help advertisers better understand and reduce their carbon footprint

NEW YORK – September 13, 2023 – Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising company, today announced a global partnership with Scope3 to make carbon emissions data available across Magnite’s extensive omnichannel inventory. As a result, advertisers will be able to assess their carbon emissions and align their sustainability goals with their campaign performance.

“Our partnership with Scope3 is one of the many ways Magnite is incorporating sustainability into our workstreams to help our clients get more insight into their carbon emissions, with the goal of creating a more environmentally-friendly future,” said Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer at Magnite. “Digital advertising is inherently an energy-intensive business given the high level of data processing required. We recognize and seek to minimize our environmental impact as the largest independent SSP and want to help our clients do the same. We are working closely with publishers, marketers and our peers to constantly innovate to create more energy efficient practices while also improving advertising outcomes.”

“The emissions data that Scope3 provides is most effective when it can be harnessed at scale, and an SSP of Magnite’s magnitude and reputation is well positioned to have  significant influence on our collective impact,” said Brenda Tuohig, Chief Commercial Officer at Scope3. “Our partnership represents yet another key building block in our mission to achieve a decarbonized ad ecosystem where sustainable media and positive marketer outcomes go hand in hand, and we’re glad to have support from Magnite in fulfilling this bold mission.”

As part of the partnership, Magnite will offer Green Media Products (GMPs) powered by Scope3 data. GMPs enable advertisers and media buyers to easily identify supply paths that inherently block climate risk (high carbon) inventory. Scope3 built and uses the industry’s most granular and comprehensive emissions data model designed to accurately measure the carbon emissions from digital advertising.

“Sustainability is a priority for IPG Mediabrands, and we strive to ensure our clients are investing their media budgets in the most efficient and green paths to premium supply,” said Martin Bryan, Global Chief Sustainability Officer at IPG Mediabrands. “We have long worked with Magnite on SPO to reduce unnecessary duplication and waste. We welcome the addition of Scope3 data across Magnite’s inventory as it provides another layer of transparency and accountability.”

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