SLING TV Sees YoY Programmatic Growth within Magnite CTV Platform in 2020

Magnite Team

April 13, 2021 | 3 min read

Strong 2020 performance attributable to addressable advertising and live CTV

NEW YORK – (April 13, 2021)– Magnite (Nasdaq: MGNI), the largest independent sell-side advertising platform, and DISH Media today reported a year-over-year increase in programmatic spend on SLING TV via the Magnite platform in 2020. The strong performance is due to an increase in audience-first addressable campaigns and live TV viewership on OTT platforms.

During 2020 when live sports were on pause, DISH Media and Magnite helped marketers reach live sports audiences by addressing SLING TV subscribers who over-indexed in watching live sports prior to the pandemic. The use of reliable first-party data ensured marketers could deliver relevant advertising to this audience even as live sports content was temporarily unavailable.

The benefits of programmatic advertising in CTV are becoming more apparent across the industry. Programmatic gives advertisers more control over targeting and data, creates dynamic CPMs based on supply and demand, and gives marketers control over reach and frequency. Working with Magnite, SLING TV provided buyers with valuable insights, such as genres and content ratings.

“In what has been a challenging year for most, we’re fortunate to have been able to identify opportunities in the market and deliver results for one of our most valuable partners. With Magnite’s built-for-video tech stack, which is capable of supporting addressable and live CTV, we were able to help SLING TV earn the full value of their premium inventory and audience data,” commented Chris Signore, Vice President of Publisher Partnerships at Magnite.

“Magnite has made significant strides to streamline the programmatic buying experience for CTV platforms like SLING TV, unlocking new opportunities for both publishers and buyers,” said Dave Antonelli, director of SLING TV sales at DISH Media. “We look forward to continuing to innovate with Magnite to make a meaningful impact on the growing CTV marketplace.”

Magnite and DISH Media have fostered a strong working relationship over the past five years, collaborating to make buying live CTV inventory programmatically simpler and more accessible. Magnite was the first sell-side platform to insert dynamic programmatic ads into SLING TV’s live streaming content, giving advertisers a new opportunity to capture premium live inventory with programmatic efficiency. Magnite’s platform provides buyers with access to premium video inventory and technology that optimizes the ad experience, giving buyers flexibility they need to adapt as audience growth on CTV accelerates.


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