India Embraces The Streaming Era

An in-depth look at video streaming viewership in India

The Indian streaming market is developing quickly – streaming providers are entering the market with ad-supported services and consumers are hungry for content. Advertiser demand for streaming inventory is scaling quickly, becoming increasingly competitive as brands look to diversify investment from traditional TV and social media to streaming video in order to gain the benefits demonstrated in other international markets.

Download the report for a closer look at the trends driving video streaming viewership in this exciting market including an in-depth analysis of four key areas:

→ Who are India’s video streamers?
→ Consumer attitudes to ad supported video streaming
→ Streaming video ads deliver stronger results
→ Streaming video content consumption including the rise of live streaming

Streaming is the preferred medium to watch TV content for connected audiences

Most connected audiences (66%) opt to use streaming services versus only 34% who prefer to watch via traditional TV.

Mobile is the top streaming device, but time spent streaming on Connected TV is growing

In India, 88% use mobile devices to stream video content, making it the most used device, commanding on average almost 9 hours of viewing time per week.

Free or ad-supported content is preferred to paying for an ad-free experience

More streamers either prefer to get free, ad-supported content or some ad-supported content for a reduced fee (4 in 5) than to pay for an ad-free experience (1 in 5).

Ads on streaming platforms capture more attention than video ads on social

Ads in streaming environments are more likely to grab a viewers attention. Streamers say they are much more likely to pay attention ads shown on streaming platforms (64%) than they are to ads shown on social media (18%) or web sites (18%).

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