SPO: A Buyer’s Perspective

Understanding What’s Important to Buyers Now and in the Future 

Changes in supply dynamics are forcing advertisers to think differently about supply paths and consolidate partners, giving them greater control and driving better results. Magnite worked with Advertiser Perceptions to understand how advertisers across the US, UK, and Australia are thinking about and using SPO.


Transparency Is Key

Advertisers are prioritizing brand-safe environments, media efficiencies, and a reduction in fraud when purchasing media through SPO.

Base: Global Buyers (aggregate of US, UK, and Australia)
Q: What are the important factors your [main client/company] takes into consideration when purchasing digital advertising using supply path optimization (SPO)?
Source: Magnite

Positive Impact

of advertisers say reducing the number of intermediaries and streamlining access to publishers’ inventory has improved advertising.

Base: Global Buyers (aggregate of US, UK, and Australia)
Q: How much do you agree with the following statements? T2B
Source: Magnite

SPO Contributes Toward Sustainability Goals

Companies are holding themselves accountable by having carbon emissions and other sustainability related goals in place, with specific goals for marketing departments.

Base: Global Buyers (aggregate of US, UK, and Australia)
Q: Does your [company / main client] have carbon emission reduction goals or other environmental / sustainability-related goals in place?
Q: What is your estimated carbon reduction from SPO activity for your [company/main client]?
Source: Magnite

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