CTV Is for Everyone

TV viewers across the globe are steadily switching on to the benefits of Connected Television. But aside from the sheer number of people watching, what do we really know about the CTV audience and how does it differ from traditional TV? Magnite conducted consumer-based research to find out.

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CTV in the US

As traditional TV viewership has declined in scale, its audience has continued to age and become increasingly homogeneous. In contrast, as the CTV audience has grown, it has become more diverse.

“The CTV audience is more reflective of the national population than the traditional TV audience – by every meaningful measure.“

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CTV in Europe

Four out of five households in the EU5 watch CTV, a 30% increase from 2020. Not only are CTV viewers more engaged, but they also are an accurate representation of Europe’s richly diverse population.

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4 out of 5 households watch CTV

CTV in Asia-Pacific

While smartphones continue to be the dominant device to watch video content in the region, consumption on CTV is growing, particularly within the 35 – 44 age group and amongst high income viewers.

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