Streaming TV’s New Era

How Ads Are Powering Streaming’s Future in the EU5

Streaming TV is changing the way audiences watch television content. Most streamers already watch content with ads and as the number of ad-supported viewers continue to grow, their deep engagement and cross-device consumption habits will lead to better results for brands.

Markets include: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain – referred to collectively as ‘EU5’ Percentages shown are an aggregate of EU5 (all markets) unless stated otherwise.

Streaming TV Viewership Continues to Grow and Evolve

Streaming TV is now watched more than any other form of television in the EU5. With the expansion of streaming offerings and a continued rise in viewership, internet-delivered content across multiple devices looks to be the future of TV viewing.

Q: Which of these services do you use to watch TV shows and films? Base: Total respondents Source: Magnite

Ad-Supported Streaming Is the Preferred Choice for Consumers

Audiences are enjoying more choices in how they consume content. While streamers in the EU5 are watching a mix of ad-supported and ad-free content, our research shows that ad-supported is already the most watched and becoming increasingly popular.

76% of streamers said they will use a new ad-based subscription service in the next year.

Source: Magnite

Cross-Device Campaigns Drive Better Outcomes for Brands

Exposing viewers to brand messaging across a variety of screen types enhances advertising efficacy. 75% of ad-supported streamers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that they engaged with across multiple devices.

Q: In a typical week, how frequently do you use each of these to watch TV shows and films at home? Base: Total streamers Source: Magnite

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