Magnite Team
1 min read

Optimize Demand Manager with Microwrappers

We created Demand Manager with a simple goal: make Prebid easy to use for publishers big and small. To help publishers optimize their wrapper even more easily, we’ve developed Microwrappers: our latest enhancement to the Demand Manager wrapper hosting architecture. 

Microwrappers make it possible to customize the wrapper’s configuration to the page, environment and audience. It also provides the ability to A/B test any configuration in the wrapper.

We’ve put together a guide on Microwrappers so that you can learn how you can use them to: 

  • Tailor the wrapper’s configuration to specific segments of inventory or users
  • Optimize wrappers without needing dev team support
  • Conduct A/B tests of multiple variants of a single wrapper at the same time
  • Test bold, unproven ideas while minimizing risk

Download the whitepaper to learn how Microwrappers can work for you.

Click here to open your Microwrapper Whitepaper.