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Connected TV Advertising Essential to Reach Persuadable Voters Ahead of 2020 Elections

Magnite’s new research report identifies CTV advertising as an essential channel for political campaigns to influence “persuadable” voters, the 30% of the eligible voting population who identify as independent or undecided.

The 2020 election cycle is drastically different compared to past elections. The ongoing pandemic has made in-person rallies and events impossible, making video the most effective way for politicians to communicate with voters with its ability to create an emotional connection through sight, sound and motion.

Simultaneously, the economic hardship of the pandemic has accelerated cord-cutting as Americans turn to free, ad-supported CTV content for news and entertainment.

Magnite surveyed more than 4,500 people nationally and found that CTV will be a critical component of political advertisers’ outreach strategies this year.

Key Findings

  • 40% of persuadable voters are not reachable via cable or satellite
  • 70% of persuadable voters have an ad-supported streaming TV service
  • 76% of cord-cutters reported streaming more ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) content now than pre-COVID
  • 88% of those surveyed plan to vote in the Presidential election, indicating a highly energized and motivated electorate
  • 73% of those surveyed said they will be paying more attention to political ads for this election compared to the last one

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