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The race to the midterm elections is heating up, especially as political advertising revenue is estimated to be $8.9 billion in 2022, according to AdImpact.

Magnite, the trusted leader for political advertising, makes it easy to connect with hard to reach voters on any screen and any device wherever they’re consuming content. There’s no debate; Magnite is the clear winner providing advertisers with the most efficient way to seamlessly scale political campaigns.

Fast Facts — There’s No Fake News to Be Found Here

Video is now the most effective way to reach voters.

Source: MediaPost, Magnite, “The Power of CTV: Reaching Persuadable Voters in 2020” Report, and Magnite “CTV Is for Everyone: US 2021” Report

Cut Through the Red Tape with Magnite

As the largest independent sell-side advertising platform, Magnite provides you with access to the most complete source of omnichannel supply. We have the scale necessary to reach any voter.

Primary Partnerships to Reach Your Constituents

Election momentum builds when voters turn to their preferred devices to learn about a candidate, event, or issue from media sources they trust. With the largest scale of premium inventory, Magnite can get your message to voters in the moments that matter.

Magnite’s partnerships with data providers enable you to precisely target and utilize first- or third-party data to find and connect with key voters and hard to reach voters.

For more information on how to best reach your constituents, please click below to contact our political specialists, Dan Fairclough and Zach Pucci.

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Whip Up the Perfect Campaign

Automate your campaign strategy with our programmatic capabilities or rely on our expertise with a managed service execution. Regardless of how you work with us, Magnite simplifies the buying process and quickly activates any campaign. Reach out to us for our rate card to see which publishers can immediately execute and which require creative approval.

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