Magnite Team
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Your Brand-Safety Playbook when Investing in CTV

Three letters have reshaped how brands approach digital advertising: CTV.

With a growing number of households streaming CTV and increased receptivity to ad-supported content, marketers are ramping up investment. CTV ad spend is projected to reach a whopping 24 billion by 2024.

Unfortunately, bad actors follow the money. In lucrative areas like CTV and premium video, the allure of high CPMs and a rich audience profile raises the potential for fraud. Meanwhile, audience expectations for video quality and delivery have never been higher, and rightly so.

As an early developer of over-the-top (OTT) streaming services, including CTV, and a premium media owner with over 1 billion monthly avails, SLING TV is dedicated to protecting its platform from fraud and quality issues. Hand-in-hand with technology providers such as Magnite, the largest sell-side omnichannel CTV platform in the world, SLING TV has worked hard to ensure inventory is protected and the viewer experience is optimal. 

This guide gives advertisers actionable insights into inventory quality and best practices for investing in premium CTV content. 

Access the CTV Brand Safety Playbook below:

Click here to access your CTV Brand Safety Playbook.