Hoppr, a unique CTV platform, selects Magnite as first programmatic partner in Singapore

Magnite Team

April 10, 2024 | 4 min read

Partnership provides advertisers access to new ultra-premium TV inventory

SINGAPORE – April 10, 2024 – Hoppr, a CTV platform delivering premium TV ad space with a “first in market” guaranteed view, today announced they are working with Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the largest independent sell-side advertising company, to provide local buyers access to a new type of premium inventory on the TV menu guide.

Hoppr’s first-of-its-kind technology delivers advertising in a new space on the TV unit, the TV menu guide, and prompts ads only when a remote is in a consumers’ hand, effectively enabling advertisers to guarantee their ad is viewed. Hoppr also delivers to advertisers unprecedented data, targeting and performance outcomes about the household that views the ad. Leveraging Magnite’s technology will allow Hoppr to make this unique inventory available programmatically for the first time and unlock greater access for advertisers to be able to connect with consumers on the biggest screen in the living room.

“As competition increases across the CTV landscape, Hoppr is creating new opportunities to help media owners make the most of their assets and revolutionising TV advertising through its innovative technology,” said Gavin Buxton, Managing Director, Asia at Magnite. “We’re excited to be their first programmatic partner as they embark on their global journey, beginning in Singapore, and look forward to working with them to drive increased capabilities for their cutting-edge CTV supply.”

“We chose to partner with Magnite, the leading supply-side company for premium CTV publishers globally. They will provide Hoppr with scale and reach in Singapore, our first market. We are committed to delivering ultra-premium inventory from Singapore’s premium triple play operator StarHub, through next generation engagement combining the best of linear, digital and data,” said Joe Prusz, CEO of Hoppr. “As advertisers get closer to supply and desire publisher-direct relationships, Magnite’s industry-leading technology makes it easy for the largest advertising companies to engage directly with us through programmatic. We know that TV remains the greatest medium to tell a story, using sight, sound and motion. It is only through our tech that households can be targeted with precision, using data insight to curate an audience that is guaranteed to watch the ad.”


About Magnite

We’re Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising company. Publishers use our technology to monetize their content across all screens and formats, including CTV, online video, display, and audio. The world’s leading agencies and brands trust our platform to access brand-safe, high-quality ad inventory and execute billions of advertising transactions each month. Anchored in bustling New York City, sunny Los Angeles, mile-high Denver, historic London, colorful Singapore, and down under in Sydney, Magnite has offices across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC.

About Hoppr

We’re Hoppr and our CTV platform uses a patented overlay technology that offers a unique way for advertisers to engage households on the largest screen in the house. Using behavioural data driven research, combined with new ultra-premium inventory, we curate an audience that is – for the first time ever – guaranteed to view a brand’s advert on TV. We have the connected solution for a disconnected TV audience that delivers engagement and attention. Our CTV platform can be used to deliver true hero storytelling moments and provide new advertising revenue opportunities for all. Hoppr has a global team operating across North America, Europe and APAC. www.hoppr.com.au

Why we say an advert is a ‘guaranteed view’

Hoppr’s CTV platform is installed on devices that are operated using an audience initiated control – for example: a set top box in a home and its accompanying remote control. We know when an audience is in the room as our tech facilitates the delivery of an advert through the remote control and only when the audience is navigating the menu guide on a TV. This creates a guaranteed view. An advert isn’t shown to an empty room, it is audience initiated using their remote control. The audience’s attention is guaranteed and using behavioural data we curate an audience for advertisers and brands, based on the viewing habits of the household watching the TV.

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