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Seller-Defined Audiences

Find out what seller-defined audiences (SDA) are and the opportunity they provide for publishers to create and showcase their powerful audience signals to drive advertiser performance in this quick explainer video.

Header Bidding

In this quick explainer video, learn how header bidding works and the ways in which initiatives, like Prebid, make it more transparent and efficient for publishers and advertisers.

Meet Magnite

Learn about Magnite’s purpose, where we sit within the adtech ecosystem, our tech stack, and the role we play in powering entertainment and information for consumers worldwide in this quick explainer video.

Contextual Targeting

In this quick explainer video, you’ll learn how video-level contextual targeting goes beyond linear TV targeting capabilities to improve the audience experience and enables advertisers to capture value at scale.

“Magnite represents the next evolution of the programmatic marketplace for the open internet.”

Tim Sims, Chief Revenue Officer

“Magnite’s product innovation and partnership commitment has proven to be foundational to our supply path optimization work.”

Andy Goode, EVP, Head of Biddable Media

“Magnite will bring greater synergy and efficiency to our omnichannel monetization and sales strategies.”

Bill Murray, VP of Programmatic Solutions