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Advanced TV for Advertisers

Television is entering a new era as the linear TV ecosystem is evolving to become more digital in nature. The dramatic growth in streaming consumption and desire for addressability has resulted in advanced TV’s recent acceleration. Learn about advanced TV solutions and the key developments taking place in TV providing advertisers with new opportunities to efficiently and effectively reach consumers.

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Magnite University offerings

CTV Is for Everyone: A Buyer’s Guide to Connected TV

The accelerated growth of connected TV now means that more homes in America watch CTV than cable or satellite – making CTV a mass medium. In this course, TV buyers will learn how to benefit from adding CTV to media plans and improve the return on advertiser investment.

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Data Enablement: Your Guide to a Changing Landscape

Data utilization is going through a fundamental change. Learn the principles of a modern data strategy including the importance of first-party data and the emergence of unified IDs, along with guidance on how to activate and measure your data-enabled campaigns.

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Keep It Clean: A Course on Brand Safety

Having the proper inventory quality strategy in place helps ensure that your brand’s ads appear in relevant and appropriate environments. In this course, we’ll pull back the curtain on how fraudsters operate to ensure you are running on trusted and transparent inventory.

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CTV Masterclass

One reason why many advertisers are hesitant to move toward connected TV is due to the complexity of the OTT landscape. In this course, we’ll walk you through the common questions and concerns, laying a foundation as you plan your OTT strategy.

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