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Rubicon Project and Telaria are now Magnite. Together, we’re the world’s largest independent sell-side platform for every channel and format.

Hello There.

We’re Magnite, your global alternative to ad tech’s walled gardens—and the giants who live there. Our tools and team will help you find more opportunities to thrive on your terms.

Because we believe in keeping tech transparent, solutions collaborative, and guidance unconflicted.
(Crazy, right?)

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Our Long Story, Short

Magnite is a new name for a couple of well-known industry independents who knew they could offer you something different if they joined forces. While you may remember us as Rubicon Project (where we get our exchange expertise) or Telaria (where our CTV talents come from), as Magnite we’re a brand new company with over a decade of experience.

If you don’t think we look, speak or act like a typical ad tech company—well, thank you. Because we started Magnite to change the system, not copy it. We want to be colorful enough to illuminate any hidden agendas, sharp enough to break down walled gardens, and open enough to make you want to talk to us about how we can make ad tech work for you, together.

Sellers and Publishers

Since we’re not in competition with you, we work for you. That means full access to everything we have—our tech and teams to keep you ahead of the curve, our deep experience to guide you, and our independence to provide open-minded advice across every channel and format.

Buyers and Brands

You won’t find any walls (or hidden fees) around our garden, so everything you spend goes further. You get access to our global scale, advanced brand and fraud protection, and top-notch tech to help you find more of the audiences you want across all channels and formats.

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