You work hard to build your audience. Together, we’ll make every impression count.


Fast-forward your CTV and OTT business with 
our award-winning Supply-Side Platform and ad server. They’re great on their own, and even 
better together.

Video & More

Maximize revenue for Display, Online Video, Audio, Native and Digital Out-of-Home with our powerful and flexible Supply-Side Platform and header bidding software.

Audience & Identity

Cut through the complexity and craft a long-term, winning strategy with secure audience curation, activation, and management capabilities.

Demand Facilitation

Capture new and unique demand from an array of agencies, buyers, and DSPs by partnering with Magnite’s dedicated 
team of demand facilitation experts.

Streaming CTV & OTT

The Magnite Streaming Supply-Side Platform

The world’s largest media owners trust Magnite Streaming to manage complex deals, maximize yield, and harness CTV and OTT demand with power, performance, and precision.

Win Big on Every Screen

Make the most of your streaming inventory across live, VOD, addressable linear, CTV, and OTT.

Get More, 
Do More

Capture more demand on your terms with advanced tools for deals, podding, inventory management and competitive separation.

Seize Every Opportunity

Maximize revenue and minimize loss with responsive alerts and instant insights.

SpringServe Ad Server

The state-of-the-art ad server that’s purpose-built for streaming. Easy to use and super powerful.

Take Informed Action

Turn data into insights that grow your revenue with real-time reporting.

Eliminate Repetitive Ads

Deliver an elevated viewing experience without repetitive ad breaks while ensuring competitive separation.

Go Full Stack

Connect with our SSP, Magnite Streaming, to minimize complexity and monetize your inventory holistically.

Display, Video & More

The DV+
Supply-Side Platform

Leading publishers use DV+ to manage the complexities of digital advertising across Display, Online Video, Audio, Native, and Digital Out-of-Home.

Expertise in Every Format

Monetize across all legacy, specialty, and emerging formats with sophisticated inventory tools.

Drive More Revenue

Maximize value with AI-powered, outbound traffic shaping and floor price recommendations based on real-time marketplace signals.

Capture Unique Demand

Put yourself into the preferred spending path of the world’s top agencies, brands and DSPs.

Demand Manager

Turnkey wrapper management, automation, and yield optimization for header bidding.

Header Bidding 
Made Easy

Configure and optimize every aspect of your header with intuitive UIs and real-time analytics.

Intelligence, Automated

AI-powered A/B testing optimizations and intuitive insights enable greater efficiency and higher revenues.

Open Source for the Open Internet

As a cofounder, we’re committed to a community-driven, future-proof, and transparent approach to ad tech.

Deals & Marketplaces

Conduct business your way with robust Programmatic Guaranteed (PG), Private Marketplaces (PMP), and Auction Package capabilities.

Do It on 
Your Terms

Package premium inventory for strategic buyers to deliver pre-negotiated rates, volume commitments and more.

Client Proven

The world’s biggest brands and media owners rely on Magnite to power their Auction Package and marketplace deals.

by Experts

Ad tech is complicated. Our team will help you craft the perfect go-to-market strategy across formats and channels.

Audience & Identity

The Magnite Access Audience Suite

Navigating audience and addressability is easier with Magnite. Our suite of solutions helps you maximize the value of your data assets to stay ahead of the curve.

Future-Proof Your Strategy

Whatever the future, we’ll help you take advantage of it through a variety of existing IDs, shared universal identifiers, and proprietary audiences.

Get More From Your Data

Control, curate, connect, and safeguard audience data by integrating with your DMP or Magnite’s in-house DMP.

Put Your Data in the Spotlight

Discover, manage, and activate first and third-party data with Magnite Storefront.

Protect and Preserve

Our innovative data-sharing product, Magnite Match, gives you granular control over your data–and like all our products–adheres strictly to standards including GDPR, CCPA, and TCF.

Demand Facilitation

Unlock Incremental Demand

Magnite’s demand facilitation team complements your direct sales efforts, making it easy to find and secure new and unique revenue opportunities globally.

Tap Into Our Relationships

Put one of the industry’s largest and most experienced demand facilitation teams to work for you. We have deep relationships with demand partners of all kinds, including brands, major agency holding companies, independent agencies and DSPs.

Questions? Let’s talk about how we can help.

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