Building the Future of TV Advertising

Steven Kondonijakos
 / July 11, 2019

In an age where viewers are consuming content across a multitude of platforms and devices, one thing is clear—the future of TV is connected.


Why Prebid Makes the Header More Relevant Than Ever

Michael Barrett
 / May 9, 2019

In the world of programmatic advertising, simplicity and control seem mutually exclusive. While closed systems offer ease-of-use but limited control, open systems are difficult to use but endlessly flexible.


Buying Connected TV Vs. Linear TV

Karen Ring
 / July 13, 2018

Connected TV (CTV) is integral to today’s media strategy because it encompasses the best of both digital video and TV – precision targeting in a premium video environment.


Building Brand Safety and Trust

John Clyman
 / April 18, 2018

A positive brand experience can motivate impulse buys and generate fierce brand loyalty, while a negative one can jeopardize lifelong customer relationships.