Emily Walsh

Day in the Life: Emily Walsh, Leadership Development Program Manager

Magnite Team

June 20, 2024 | 6 min read

Emily, one of our Leadership Development Managers, takes us through a typical day in her life in Magnite’s Broomfield, Colorado office.

Magnite’s Day in the Life series dives into the various people and teams that make up the world’s largest independent sell-side ad company.

How would you explain what you do to someone outside the industry?

I help people discover their leadership potential, regardless of their titles. We ditch the common understandings about leadership, focus on empowering everyone to support each other, and tap into the power of human connection dynamics. It’s about creating a culture where everyone feels like they’re part of something bigger than themselves and can make a real difference no matter what part of the business they are a part of. I do this through workshops, training programs, and one-on-one coaching. It’s incredibly rewarding to see people step into their own style of leadership and watch the whole team soar. This is a new, and very important area of focus for Magnite, and I would say we are leading the charge in making people think differently about leadership and who in an organization can “be a leader” in the workplace.

How does your team support Magnite? Who are your closest collaborators in other departments? 

As a global company, our communication, collaboration, and connection are absolutely essential to providing our clients – both internal and external – with everything they need to be successful. I am really fortunate to be on the People team. We partner with different departments to understand their specific needs and develop leadership programs tailored to their teams. I work with senior managers to consider the specific support that their respective teams need and find ways to capitalize on those areas of opportunity. My goal is to make sure everyone at Magnite has access to the leadership development tools that are most relevant to them.

What does a typical day at Magnite look like for you?

Every single day, I have conversations with folks about the true meaning of leadership and how it applies to them. A big part of my role is helping people unlearn what they think they know about leadership and build it back up from scratch. It’s a really unique opportunity and actually one of the parts of the role that I enjoy the most because of the excitement that comes with the revelation that leadership development isn’t just for senior management. 

One of my largest focuses is making sure that every member of our team is actively supporting others while also being supported and that their potential is being met. In a lot of ways, that’s what leadership actually boils down to. Usually, I host workshops around our leadership competencies, facilitate sessions with our managers on topics that are specific to them, design team supports, or chat one-on-one with team members who are looking for some advice. 

Our people’s needs are constantly evolving, so I try to stay in the loop with as many of our different business units as possible. I make myself accessible to anyone throughout the company for ongoing support, one-off brainstorms, or check-in sessions.

Talk about a recent project that you’re proud of yourself and your team for accomplishing.

This year, I launched a program that is laser-focused on the practical application of our leadership framework. These are interactive sessions that dial into our eight leadership competencies that not only bring the subject matter to each person’s individual role but also to their lives at large. 

We have made these workshops accessible to all Magnites in an effort to supplement their development in a way that is truly rooted in our company values and vision. To date, we’ve made it halfway through the sessions and have had incredible attendance, both virtually and for the live sessions that have been hosted. This could not have been possible without the help of the People Business Partners, our Ops partners, and the energy that comes from the participants. I’m excited to see what comes in the second half of the year!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The people, hands down! I have had the pleasure of meeting so many members of our organization just by the nature of what I do. I feel so fortunate that I get to work with our teams across the globe on topics that bridge whatever differences might exist. I have learned so much from my colleagues and have so much respect for all that they do. Constantly and consistently, I am humbled by the knowledge, skills, and lived experiences that our team members bring to work every single day. I know it might be cliché to say, but my job would not be the same without every single colleague I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with. 

You’re head of Prism, Magnite’s LGBTQIA+ employee resource group. How have you seen Prism make a positive impact at Magnite?

Prism is a relatively new group that aims to create a community and a support network within the company. Being a part of the group isn’t necessarily the central focus of our work identities. Rather, Prism is meant to be a space where you can chat about things that might be present for you outside of your role. It’s also meant to be a support network to fall back on.

We have been able to bring members of the larger team together from across the US and global teams around a shared identity, which can sometimes be a bit isolating. We are into our second year now and are starting to gain some traction in being able to provide a space where folks can ask questions, have some fun, and, most importantly, demonstrate allyship. As it’s Pride Month, we are seeking to provide some education for those who may not truly understand the purpose of the month or why it’s worth celebrating.

What’s your go-to hobby to unwind and recharge outside of the office?

I’d have to say it’s a tie between puzzles and playing ice hockey! Those are quite different, of course, so it depends on whether I’m feeling the need to socialize. I enjoy all types of puzzles. It’s a great way to use my brain without having to focus too much. Then, with hockey, I have a great community of friends that I’ve built through the sport. A little exercise is never a bad thing, either!

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