Open Bidding FAQ

Last Updated: September 1, 2023

1. I reviewed the Terms & Conditions and found some language that I was not comfortable agreeing to. Can I propose changes/redlines?

Unfortunately, given the high volume of Google Open Bidding publishers who are participating in this program, Magnite is unable to accommodate any custom changes/redlines to the Terms & Conditions at this time.

2. How long does it normally take Magnite to review my submission?

Magnite is doing its best to expedite the review of each submission and expects the review process to normally take up to three business days.  Magnite thanks you for your patience as this new Open Bidding program is rolled out.

3. Is there anything I should be doing while I am waiting for a status update on my submission?

If approved, Magnite will require that you update your Ads.txt/App-Ads.txt file in order to monetize your inventory. It is recommended that you get a head start by inserting the following line item:, 22884, DIRECT, 0bfd66d529a55807

Magnite also recommends that you bookmark the Google OB Terms you consented to by bookmarking the following URL. This will allow you to access these legal terms for future reference.

4. It’s been a week.  Will I receive email notification from Magnite once I am approved or rejected?

Due to the high volume of submissions, Magnite will not be able to send you a separate email notification once your inventory starts monetizing. However, your application’s status will appear in your applicable Bidder’s UI interface (Google Ad Manager or Google Admob) as one of three statuses:

  • “Pending” – your submission is still under review
  • “Approved” – your submission was approved and monetization should begin soon
  • “Rejected” – your submission was rejected

5. When I checked my status in my Google Bidder’s UI interface (AdManager or Admob), it shows my status as “rejected.” How can I find out the reasons for the rejection? Is there a way I can appeal the decision?

Due to the high volume of submissions received and Magnite’s focus on reviewing all submissions as quickly as possible, Magnite is unable to provide detailed rejection reasons or offer a path to appeal at this time. To increase your chances of approval, please make sure to provide detailed & accurate information when initially submitting your information.

6. I did not enter any billing information when I submitted my form. How will Magnite provide me performance reporting and know how to pay me?

One of the value propositions of the Google Open Bidding program is to offer publishers consolidated billing/reporting. Google will be providing you performance reporting and remitting payments directly to you. You will not receive a login to the Magnite platform.

7. What ad formats or sizes does Magnite support?

Magnite supports monetization across a wide variety of ad formats and industry-standard sizes, including desktop web, mobile web, mobile app, and video. Ad formats include, but are not limited to, banners, interstitials, in-stream or outstream, and rewarded video.

8. Which countries is Magnite able to do business with under this program?

If your inventory becomes approved, and as long as your company is not registered to do business in, nor has its principal place of business located in, any of the countries listed HERE, then you are eligible to work with Magnite.  

9. What if I have new domains or app bundles that I wish to monetize with Magnite, but were not included in my original submission? How do I get those approved?

If you have new inventory that Magnite hasn’t reviewed, please provide your Google Publisher ID and any new domain and/or app bundle details to Magnite’s email alias of If/when it is approved, you can begin sending that inventory to Magnite for monetization.

10. I have ad inventory available for monetization from many different countries.  Which countries will Magnite be able to monetize?

There are some exceptions, but you can expect Magnite to be able to monetize a wide array of ad formats in most major countries around the world.

11. I don’t have my Google Publisher ID readily available. Is that going to be a problem to get approved?

It is important that you provide your Google Publisher ID when submitting your application to Magnite.  If you are having trouble locating your Google Publisher ID, you can click here if you are an Admob publisher and click here if you are a Google Ad Manager publisher for more information.  Please also note that if you require additional email support for any reason after your submission, please make sure to include your Google Publisher ID in your email inquiry to expedite a reply from Magnite.

12. I still have additional unanswered questions. Should I email my Google or my Magnite representative?

If your Magnite-specific questions still remain unanswered, please email the alias at and be sure to include your Google Publisher ID and Publisher/App Name with your email submission.  A member of Magnite’s Account Services support team will get back to you as soon as possible.