Magnite Introduces Open Beta of New CTV and OTT Solution Named Unified Decisioning

Magnite Team

February 2, 2021 | 3 min read

Empowers CTV and OTT Publishers to Maximize Yield by Unifying Direct and Programmatic Demand

Global Publishers Among Users, Including Australia’s Seven West Media

Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform, today launched the open beta of Unified Decisioning, a solution that empowers CTV and OTT publishers to maximize yield by removing the need to manage direct sold and programmatic demand channels independently and allowing them to compete side by side. As the TV industry transitions away from manual processes and splintered transaction channels, Magnite’s solution brings the same control and flexibility that have long existed in the direct world to the realm of programmatic media.

Unified Decisioning gives publishers the tools and controls to define when and how direct sold and programmatic demand should compete. The solution works alongside all major ad servers to ensure that the optimal ad set is chosen that will take into consideration both direct and programmatic deal priority and yield while ensuring publisher’s business rules, including frequency capping and competitive separation, are enforced.

“We’ve designed and built Unified Decisioning to address the barriers between unifying direct sold and programmatic demand with the specific needs of CTV publishers in mind,” commented Paige Bilins, Vice President of Video Product Management at Magnite. “Publishers are eager to tap into the efficiencies that programmatic provides without relinquishing the control they are used to when selling directly to buyers. Unified Decisioning enables them to do both and we’re excited to bring these capabilities to leading CTV publishers.”

“The early results we’ve seen using Magnite’s Unified Decisioning to ensure optimal delivery of direct and programmatic demand have been promising,” said Luke Smith, Head of Programmatic Sales at Seven West Media. “We’ve set ourselves the goal of improving the value for advertisers and audiences and are so far pleased with the ability to apply complex business rules and see the valuable data and analytics in real-time. Magnite has been a long-trusted partner and has a history of delivering innovative solutions to support our continued growth. We look forward to continuing that partnership with the use of the Unified Decisioning across our BVOD business.”

Unified Decisioning brings benefits to the demand side as well. Programmatic buyers and brands will have greater insight into available inventory and have an equal opportunity to compete for premium video content. As an independent solution, Unified Decisioning is ad server agnostic and has no conflicting demand agenda.

“As connected TV becomes a more significant part of advertisers’ media plans, we applaud Magnite for instituting Unified Decisioning that unlocks more premium video inventory and deeper insights into available supply,” said Jon Tabak, General Manager, Strategic Partnerships, The Trade Desk. “The industry continues to grow together to make the TV marketplace more transparent and efficient for buyers and sellers amidst the generational shift of consumers from linear TV to CTV.”

Magnite clients interested in learning more about the Unified Decisioning Open Beta can contact their Account Team. Prospective users can reach us at

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