New DV+ Feature Helps Sellers Better Manage Monetization

Magnite Team

July 13, 2022 | 4 min read

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. When it comes to tracking buyer spend commitments, publishers know this all too well. 

Until now, publishers have never had an easy way to track spend commitments they have with buyers. They would have to pull a report and manually analyze the data every time they wanted to track buyer pacing. With Magnite’s newest DV+ feature, that changes. Now, publishers have more flexibility and control over measuring and managing buyer commitments directly in their UI. This creates an easy, intuitive way to monetize inventory and understand buyer pacing. 

Introducing Spend Tracker

Our DV+ platform is making it easier than ever to track spending across demand sources and inventory types (video, display, DOOH, audio, and beyond). The new Spend Tracker app is now available in the Reporting tab, allowing publishers to assign spend goals and evaluate trends across multiple demand sources. An intuitive UI provides quick visuals so publishers can flexibly track fulfilled and pending commitments with buyers. 

With this new feature, publishers will be able to:

  • See whether spending is on or off track through the dashboard
  • Get at-a-glance insights into total spend, projected spend, and projected pacing
  • Provide useful pacing information to the buyer to help them achieve their commitment

The Spend Tracker is handy for ensuring buyers are on track to hit agreed-upon spend thresholds but can also be used to track revenue across inventory and formats. This flexible inventory and format tracking functionality also allows publishers to track any internal company goals they may have for specific ad formats or portions of inventory.

Unlocking Value with Spend Trackers

The dashboard offers quick access to which Spend Trackers are on or off target, allowing publishers to track their commitments with buyers, understand how the buyer is progressing toward the goal, and provide useful pacing information to the buyer to help them achieve their commitment.

From the Trackers tab, users can see a sortable dashboard with views displaying all Active, On-Track, Upcoming, and Expired Trackers, with at-a-glance views of the Total Spend, Projected Spend, and a color-coded Projected Pace Value.

Publishers have the ability to edit tracker data selections at any time for maximum flexibility. They can change the demand sources they’re tracking, adjust inventory filters, and they can also export tracker data to easily share with their buyers or import the data into their own reporting dashboards.

“Magnite’s Spend Tracker is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that helps our team track PMP revenue metrics for a number of different use cases,” said Nick Kaplan, director of programmatic at SHE Media. “Spend Tracker is the latest example of Magnite’s continued innovation of its PMP Deals product over the past several years, all of which have given publishers the tools and features we need to successfully set up, track, and optimize deals in an intelligent and self-sufficient way.”

“A few of the ways we’ve used Spend Tracker throughout the Beta include a) tracking revenue and pacing across groups of deals where we have commitments with brands and agencies, b) tracking PMP revenue across different formats we offer buyers, and c) tracking PMP revenue across various inventory breakouts such as our minority-owned sites included in our Meaningful Marketplaces initiative, or certain 1P audiences we offer our buyers,” he added.

As an ad exchange that facilitates more daily transactions than all of Wall Street combined, Magnite is always looking for ways to help publishers monetize their omnichannel content more efficiently. Spend Tracker unlocks value by helping publishers better manage spend, pacing, sell-through, and surface potential PMP opportunities from demand.

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