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Magnite Launches Prebid Page Integration to Help Publishers Simplify Header Bidding Configurations

Solution offers publishers a standardized taxonomy for how Prebid’s auctioning technology interacts with their web pages and ad server

Magnite will open source PPI so that publishers of all sizes can deploy, configure, and optimize their own Prebid-based header bidding solution

NEW YORK – (March 17, 2022) – Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the world’s largest independent omnichannel sell-side advertising platform, today announced the launch of a new solution called Prebid Page Integration (PPI), a framework for integrating Prebid.js with publisher websites. Prebid.js is the most widely adopted header bidding solution in the world.

The solution will enable publishers to integrate Prebid with their preferred ad server in a simplified way, requiring fewer engineering resources. To democratize access to this technology, Magnite is in the process of open sourcing PPI so that publishers of all sizes can deploy, configure, and optimize their own Prebid-based header bidding solution.

“PPI saves publishers time with a more efficient workflow, giving them more time to focus on improving their monetization and user experience instead of Prebid setup,” said Garrett McGrath, Senior Vice President, Product at Magnite. “As we were developing this framework, we realized the benefits were too great to restrict it only to our own clients. In open sourcing the code, we hope to help democratize online advertising and put more power and control in publishers’ hands.”

PPI is the latest Demand Manager feature that Magnite will open source. Other initiatives that Magnite has developed and shared with the wider Prebid community include the Control Center identity management tool.

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