The Rise of Ad-Supported Streaming Services

An In-Depth Look at Viewers’ Changing Habits In Japan

Streaming services are the future of television in Japan. Over the past few years, streaming services have seen tremendous growth, driven by the popularity of ad-supported content.

Ad-Supported Streaming Services Are Surging

Ad-supported streaming is watched by 71% of TV viewers in Japan and is expected to continue to grow as traditional TV viewers adjust their viewing habits to include streaming services.

56% of those who only watch traditional TV would be likely to subscribe to a new free or reduced-rate streaming service with ads.

Streaming Services Are Essential to Ad-Supported Viewers

Attitudes among ad-based streamers reinforce the importance of streaming as a source of entertainment, making it a must-have in Japanese households. 72% of ad-supported streamers say streaming services are a must have in their household.

Q: Compared to one year ago, are you watching more or less content on streaming services, or has the amount remained the same? Base: Ad-supported streamers Source: Magnite

Streaming Services Build Relationships and Foster Better Outcomes

Japanese streamers are consuming TV content on multiple screens and their exposure to brand messaging across devices strengthens their connection to brands. 64% of ad-supported streamers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they engaged with across multiple devices (TV, mobile, desktop, etc.).

Q: In a typical week, how frequently do you use each of these to watch TV shows and films at home? T2B Base: Total streamers Source: Magnite

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