We’ve Re-Introduced Our Platforms: Magnite CTV and Magnite DV+

Magnite Team

January 25, 2021 | 1 min read

Last April, Telaria and Rubicon Project merged to become the largest independent SSP. Over the summer, we announced our new name: Magnite. Now, we’re unveiling the rebranding of our two platforms. Meet Magnite CTV and Magnite DV+.

While we’re a fully unified company, the evolving nature of the programmatic market demands two distinct product offerings. One platform is specifically optimized for CTV while the other serves cross-channel campaigns, everything from desktop display to mobile to audio. 

  • The Telaria platform is now called “Magnite CTV”
  • The Rubicon Project platform is now called “Magnite DV+,” where DV+ stands for display, video, and other formats such as native, audio, and DOOH.

With access to these two powerhouse arms, sellers can rest assured they are using best-in-class technology that is optimized to suit their needs. Meanwhile, buyers can continue to trust us as an essential omnichannel partner across all formats and geographies.

If you’re a client or partner, no action is required, and there are no changes to platform URLs, endpoints, integration specs, tags or APIs.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Global Support team at globalsupport@magnite.com

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