How publishers can simplify the path to video monetization

Magnite Team

November 8, 2022 | 4 min read

As consumers clamor for more video content, publishers are embracing video as a way to deliver better user experiences while creating more monetization opportunities. In the US alone, programmatic video ad spending will hit $62.96 billion this year, surpassing 50% of all programmatic ad spend for the first time, growing to $74.88 billion in 2023, according to eMarketer. As the gap closes between time spent with and ad spend on digital video, SpringServe’s Managed Partner Program (MPP) is enabling publishers to easily embrace and grow the programmatic video opportunity through world class ad serving tech, demand activations and complete account management.

Embracing the video opportunity

As OTT/CTV advertising continues to rise, the need to build new technologies also grows – many of which can be powered by the existing ad tech infrastructure; including ad serving, media buying, as well as data and measurement. For instance, having the right ad serving technology ensures site performance metrics are maintained, ad delivery is seamless, and relevant ads are displayed to ensure a quality user experience and successful ad for the buyer.

By 2024, eMarketer estimates that US consumers will spend more than 50% of their daily video with digital, surpassing linear TV for the first time, at nearly 3 hours, according to eMarketer. Growing time spent with video combined with improved ad engagement, growing overall number of impressions and the higher CPMs that video engagements can attract is leading many publishers to embrace the video advertising opportunity. However, in order to take advantage of the potential gains from video monetization, there are a number of challenges to overcome.

  • Attracting and nurturing video demand relationships to fuel video monetization while helping buyers meet their campaign objectives to build trust and long term relationships.
  • Creating effective ad experiences means ensuring relevant ads, controlling frequency and ensuring seamless ad delivery through the right ad serving technologies.
  • Dedicated ad operations team with expertise in programmatic ensures demand relationships are managed and optimized correctly so everyone wins.

Build and evolve your video strategy

Many publishers looking to solve the challenges outlined above and simplify the process of video ad monetization turn to managed services. Managed services provide a cost efficient method of accessing the technologies, solutions, services and personnel that need to be in place before a publisher/media owner/distributors can successfully monetize their video offering.

However, publishers also need the support and capacity to evolve their video strategy as it grows as well as in the face of industry shifts. For instance, increased demand for addressable audiences at a time when privacy is so high on the agenda brings challenges around identity and implementing the tech to solve those challenges. Similarly, as a publisher develops their video strategy they may progress their demand from that of the managed service provider’s to developing and implementing their own demand with the continued support of the technology to facilitate it.

Simplifying the path to video monetization with SpringServe

Launched in early 2021, SpringServe’s Managed Partner Program (MPP) provides the foundation for a publisher’s video business, solving the challenges associated with video monetization under one single relationship. Our Managed Partner Program provides a comprehensive monetization solution for media owners, combining SpringServe’s world class ad serving technology, turnkey demand activation via RTB connections with major SSPs, and complete account management from in-house platform experts.

Unlike similar offerings that only work on a revenue share model, the Managed Partner Program encourages the evolution of its publishers’ programmatic strategy. This means publishers can progress from our demand to developing and implementing their own while benefiting from the continued ad operations support and tech from SpringServe, and reclaiming complete control over their SpringServe account.

As the CTV/OTT space continues to grow and evolve, having the technology vendors that are constantly innovating to keep themselves and media owners ahead of the curve will be key. In 2023 we’re going to see a number of significant trends: Growing demand and supply of video inventory driven by both macroeconomic shifts and continued growth in AVOD; programmatic buying gaining more traction; as well as innovations in identity and measurement approaches. MPP gives media owners seamless access to SpringServe’s world leading tech built to help media owners deliver video monetization success without having to do the heavy lifting.

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