Magnite Launches Live Stream Acceleration to Help Publishers Effectively Monetize Live CTV Programmatically

Magnite Team

February 22, 2022 | 3 min read

Sling TV sees lift using technology designed to optimize live inventory 

NEW YORK – February 22, 2022 – Magnite (Nasdaq: MGNI), the largest independent sell side advertising platform, today announced the launch of Live Stream Acceleration (LSA), a technology designed to help CTV publishers optimize their live inventory programmatically. LSA helps publishers more effectively monetize their supply, ensuring that ads are served in a timely manner without burdening their technical infrastructure.

By leveraging LSA for live sports over a five week period, Sling TV saw a 47% lift in ad conversions compared to the previous five weeks. Efficiencies via LSA implementation allowed for ad delivery which otherwise would have been lost (i.e. timed out) – which is equivalent to 51 seconds of advertising air time on a standard 1 hour live event. This helps make it easier than ever for advertisers to access premium and scalable inventory on Sling to reach the audiences they want, without technical limitations.

“Live CTV is a key differentiator for Sling, there is no better or more valuable medium for advertisers to reach highly engaged viewers, in real time, with personalized, relevant messaging,” said Jessica DuFresne, Head of Ad Ops and Digital Ad Tech, DISH Media. “Utilizing LSA allowed us even greater, more efficient, deliveries of live-viewing audiences to our advertisers, while simultaneously delivering an enhanced experience for our customers, all while maintaining the highest privacy standards.“ 

LSA brings significant benefits to the wider advertising ecosystem, regulating queries per second (QPS) from elevated audience spikes, resulting in less throttling and more fill. A key benefit for advertisers is that they can address more actionable supply, with a greater likelihood that their ad will serve as a result of LSA. This helps make it easier than ever for advertisers to access premium and scalable inventory, to reach the audiences they want, without technical limitations. 

With Magnite’s cloud-based SSP, publishers like Sling are able to process large volumes of complex decisioning in a short time frame without interruption, a necessity for live content where unexpected ad breaks can occur.

“Live CTV offers a can’t-miss opportunity to engage with a highly receptive audience, but has historically been harder for advertisers to activate against due to its unpredictable nature and limited available inventory,” said Paige Bilins, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Magnite. “LSA is built to handle the complexities of live CTV, creating efficiencies that benefit publishers, advertisers and viewers alike.”


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