A Powerful Partnership: How Magnite and Roku Fuel Performance for Streaming TV

Mike Laband, SVP of Platform Revenue, Magnite

June 12, 2024 | 3 min read

As Magnite and Roku’s ongoing partnership enters its seventh year, we’re excited to support Roku’s continued success with their recent announcement of the Roku Exchange. 

Roku boasts a user base with over 80 million active accounts streaming 100 billion hours of content in 2023 alone. For advertisers, reaching this audience presents a significant opportunity. Magnite plays a critical role in facilitating this by streamlining the process for buyers to access Roku’s inventory and reach the right viewers. In short, Magnite provides seamless access to Roku’s massive and engaged streaming audience. 

Here are some of the ways Magnite helps Roku establish a more direct path to advertisers and empowers them with audience and identity solutions fit for streaming. 

A Shared Focus on Efficiency and Effectiveness

One of Magnite and Roku’s shared priorities is supply path optimization (SPO), which helps deliver higher-quality impressions, reduces fees from unnecessary intermediaries, and improves transparency. Our deals with holding companies make it easier to buy Roku inventory. 

In particular, the GroupM Premium Marketplace consolidates media investments within a central platform, harnessing Magnite’s deep connections with top media owners and its advanced technology. This opens up a vast pool of inventory across diverse screens and formats. 

Additionally, Roku has access to unique demand via Magnite’s ClearLine solution, an ad server-agnostic offering that provides agencies with direct access to premium video inventory on Magnite’s platforms. 

Magnite’s dedicated Demand Facilitation team also helps unlock incremental demand opportunities by fostering strategic partnerships with media buying agencies to ensure a seamless flow of ad spend toward media owners. This facilitates a centralized marketplace that streamlines transactions for both buyers and sellers. 

Leveraging Collaboration for Reach

Magnite’s role extends beyond simply connecting buyers and sellers. In today’s privacy-centric landscape, audience and identity solutions are also critical for success. 

In the Magnite Streaming SSP, close to 100% of Roku’s ad requests can be attached to at least one data segment, with a match rate of 90%+. This allows buyers to reach the viewers they want with greater precision. Additionally, Roku utilizes Magnite’s audience and identity tools to onboard and activate data, making it more accessible to buyers. Roku leverages Magnite’s Data Lock feature to choose and customize the attributes, device, and content signals they provide buyers in the bidstream. This protection allows Roku to customize how they share these signals with each partner.

These capabilities allow advertisers to create campaigns that resonate with specific viewers, ultimately leading to better campaign performance.

Continued Innovation

In the rapidly changing landscape of streaming TV, we’re privileged to partner with Roku as we build first-to-market tools and technology that impact numerous advertisers and consumers. As streaming viewership continues to accelerate globally, we look forward to helping Roku and media owners deliver unparalleled ad experiences, bridging streaming supply and demand, and moving the industry forward. 

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