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Magnite Joins Amazon Ads’ Certified Supply Exchange Program

Magnite Team

June 13, 2024 | 3 min read

As our fractured media landscape becomes more streamlined, buyers and sellers are coming closer together to forge fewer, more direct paths to inventory, making the supply path more efficient and impactful. 

In line with this, Magnite is one of the first SSPs to join Amazon Ads’ Certified Supply Exchange Program. As a Certified Supply Exchange SSP, Magnite is collaborating closely with Amazon Ads to deliver premium deals that drive results for buyers and unlock new opportunities for sellers. 

“As the way media is bought and sold continues to evolve, it’s become even more important for the buy- and sell-side to work collaboratively,” said Jennifer Fagnini, Vice President, Demand Partnerships, at Magnite. “This is an exciting step forward for the industry, and we look forward to the benefits this relationship will deliver in unlocking scalable routes between buyers and sellers.”

New Inventory Opportunities for Buyers

For buyers, Magnite’s strengthened relationship with Amazon Ads streamlines the buying process, offering a transparent and addressable line to programmatic inventory on Amazon’s DSP. The Certified Supply Exchange program will provide Magnite with greater seat transparency and alignment, increased demand and supply activation as well as more QPS and deal APIs to ease the deal setup process.

For the first time, advertisers can now activate unique deal packages, including Amazon Shopper Insights curated packages that index highly against Amazon first-party shopping signals on Magnite inventory.

As buyers increasingly demand routes to inventory that are focused, transparent, and addressable, Magnite’s relationship with Amazon as a certified channel partner can help buyers drive stronger results with massive audiences.

“By deepening our relationships with leading SSPs, we can provide advertisers more streamlined deal activations, robust signals, and reliable access to their preferred supply partner. The Certified Supply Exchange program aims to deliver better results through closer collaboration between buyers and sellers,” said Chris Conetta, Head of Supply, Buyer Services at Amazon Ads.

Meanwhile, Magnite remains committed to leveraging its extensive network of top media owners to provide buyers with the best path to high-quality inventory. This direct access to premium inventory enhances audience targeting capabilities at scale, helping drive ROI for brands.

Greater Demand for Sellers

For publishers, this relationship opens up greater demand on the Magnite platform, with the opportunity to boost yield for various sellers’ businesses. As ad dollars increasingly flow through high-efficiency supply chains and curated deals, publishers have much to gain, with direct paths to ad dollars. Importantly, Magnite’s relationship helps service third-party buys easily. The rising tide lifts all boats— bringing amplified revenue, improved efficiency, and monetization opportunities.

The Value of a Connected Ecosystem

As Jounce Media’s latest State of the Open Internet report highlights, there is increasing industry demand for more publisher-direct and SSP integrations — especially as brands look to employ Supply Path Optimization (SPO) in buys. In line with this, marketers are shifting budgets toward DSPs that are allocating resources to these high-efficiency supply chains. 

To this end, Magnite’s participation in Amazon Ads’ Certified Supply Exchange Program aims to help generate efficiencies to simplify the complex supply chain and enable buyers to buy omnichannel inventory seamlessly.

Ultimately, as the way media is bought and sold continues to evolve, it’s become increasingly important for the buy and sell side to work in concert. Magnite’s relationship with Amazon Ads underscores our commitment to unlocking direct, scalable paths to premium supply, fueling greater industry collaboration.

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