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Why Captify and Magnite are Bringing Intelligent Search Data to CTV

The Magnite Team

April 4, 2024 | 4 min read

Powered by the largest collection of onsite search data outside the walled gardens, Captify’s Search Intelligence solution provides advertisers with a true understanding of consumer intent, interests, attitudes, and motivations. That search data supercharges every phase of marketing, from identifying real-time audiences and reaching highly relevant, in-market households to leveraging high-quality and exclusive inventory for improved campaign performance. Now, for the first time, Captify and Magnite are enabling advertisers to leverage on-site search intent data to address audiences on programmatic CTV ad inventory.

The Power of Search and CTV combined

TV is synonymous with a full spectrum of genres and emotions, whether someone is watching midday dramas or high-octane live sports. When people search on a website search bar, they type in what they want or need and, often, what they’re willing to pay for. By connecting those behavioral search insights to CTV inventory, advertisers can serve their ads to the audiences searching for specific brands, products, competitors, or related terms at the most opportune times. Behavioral search insights can also be utilized in post-campaign to see if and how search behavior has changed.

So, how do search terms from a website’s search bar end up informing CTV audience-building and targeting strategy? Captify’s semantic technology ingests all the search terms made on millions of publisher websites, analyzing and categorizing those searches into profiles, interests, and moments, and converts them into audiences. Those audiences are now able to be activated on Magnite CTV inventory. By prequalifying households based on their real-time intent fuelled by search behavior, Capify’s Search Intelligence can reveal what audiences are looking for in real-time, and that’s revolutionary for TV.

For example, a consumer searches for ‘best honeymoon destinations’ on, ‘iPhone vs. Galaxy Camera’ on, and then ‘NYC to Maldives’ on Captify collects that entire string of searches, analyzes the searches, looks at relationships between those searches and searches made by other consumers, and then categorizes all those searches into audiences. In this specific example, the consumer would be put into audience segments that may be called: “Engagement,” “Techie,” and “Travel.” This is where Captify’s technology enables brands to see not only intuitive audiences but also non-intuitive audiences. Media buyers can then target these audiences across Magnite’s expansive, premium CTV inventory with relevant ads.

Why Search Data is so important

Millions of websites and apps have their own search bars. E-commerce sites offer users search bars for researching products and identifying their next purchase. Content publishers provide search bars so users can quickly search through articles and videos to learn about specific news or topics they are most interested in. People search for things to watch, things to buy, things to learn, and much more. The data and insights from those onsite searches provide a window into consumer attitudes, interests, and intent.

The nature of Captify’s data is unique in that:

  • It’s fresh, real-time – so brands can make decisions based on what’s happening now, not 6 months ago.
  • It’s unprompted (unlike surveys) – real-world behavior, so brands don’t need to rely on surveys and panels to understand their audiences. 
  • It’s specific and granular (unlike search engines) – so brands can understand interests and needs for targeting.
  • It’s comprehensive; we can see the depth and breadth of consumer search journeys (unlike search engines and other datasets) – giving brands a view of every kind of intent across millions of unique customer journeys

From Search to Screen

The challenge for marketers is leveraging those search insights across new and existing channels to power effective campaign targeting and measurement. This latest collaboration between Captify and Magnite and products such as Captify’s TV Search Lift Study for measuring the success and outcomes of CTV campaigns will continue to push the search-to-screen possibilities.

Furthermore, as part of Magnite’s initiatives to empower curators, Captify enables clients to activate their search data layered upon Magnite’s supply in any DSP of choice that has a relationship with Magnite. Magnite curators can overlay their value proposition onto Magnite supply to independently capture demand, brokering custom deals in a simple and streamlined manner.

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