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Magnite and OpenAP Unlock Incremental Reach in CTV with GroupM

Magnite Team

June 10, 2024 | 4 min read

As the TV landscape continues to evolve, marketers are holistically examining their media mix to include streaming, digital, and linear TV while seeking to benchmark investment. They’re also looking to activate incremental audiences across platforms. 

Through Magnite’s preferred partnership with OpenAP, we have a direct relationship with a data-driven linear partner that allows advertisers to get a unified view of campaign performance across linear and programmatic digital.

In addition, marketers can extend the reach of their existing linear buys by building incremental reach campaigns across CTV.

This allows advertisers to seamlessly compare campaign effectiveness and reach across platforms, enhancing their linear and streaming impact.

Case Study: A Unified Buying Strategy

A leading global software company recently leveraged this partnership to conduct a unified campaign across linear, digital, and programmatic platforms. 

The goal of the campaign, managed by the media investment group at GroupM, was to activate premium inventory via GroupM’s Premium Marketplace (GPM), leveraging the brand’s linear audiences in programmatic CTV.  

To accomplish this, the company worked with OpenAP to activate the brand’s audience on the OpenID identity spine, thereby leveraging a unique identifier that resolves linear and digital audiences into a common identity spine for TV.

As Abbey Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer at OpenAP, shared, “As marketers seek more transparency and actionable measurement from TV buys, Magnite’s partnership with OpenAP helps brands measure success across their linear and programmatic CTV investment holistically – all through the OpenID identity spine.”

The company achieved more impactful results by using Magnite’s pipes with OpenAP. By using a unified audience, GroupM minimized duplication across CTV and linear and reported that only 6% of digital impressions served also reached traditional linear audiences.

This deduplication and audience extension underscore the impact of integrating linear data into programmatic buys – all while reducing redundancy and maximizing reach. As Sam Polandick, Director, US Programmatic Investment from GroupM, highlighted, “With OpenID, we are able to deliver strategic audiences, at scale, across linear and digital ecosystems, eliminating duplication all while maximizing reach and media investment for our clients.”

Simplifying Audience Activation

Magnite and OpenAP’s deep partnership simplifies the audience activation process, enabling buyers to quickly integrate and extend their campaigns across different media types. Whether advertisers are focused on linear, digital, or a balanced strategy between the two, the partnership provides valuable tools to enhance any buying strategy.

For instance, video investment teams that buy a split between CTV and linear can directly compare and leverage their linear data in CTV campaigns. Digital buyers, meanwhile, can employ targeted light linear segments to ensure they are not serving the same ad to the same audience across different channels, thereby reducing waste.

As Thomas from OpenAP states, “In today’s TV market, everyone has a different approach. We work with all kinds of buyers and buying strategies to curate an audience strategy that delivers on their KPIs.” 

Magnite and OpenAP facilitate the activation of these campaigns and provide crucial insights into cross-publisher linear performance, allowing advertisers to identify overlaps and gaps in audience reach. This capability is increasingly vital as advertisers seek to deliver the right mix of linear and digital ads to households and gauge cross-platform performance at scale.

Unlocking the Full Power of Programmatic TV

With U.S. cable subscriber numbers dwindling, programmatic CTV becomes essential to any media buying plan. Here, Magnite empowers advertisers looking to effectively plan, buy, and measure video campaigns against a unified audience.

As the TV landscape continues to evolve, Magnite remains committed to transparency, interoperability, and fostering meaningful partnerships that deliver tangible benefits to brands. 

Reach out to Matthew Smith at Magnite to learn more about building incremental reach from linear buys.

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