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Beyond the List: How All Publishers Nourish a Healthy Open Internet

Magnite Team

June 14, 2024 | 3 min read

The Trade Desk’s recent list of the top 100 premium publishers ignited a conversation in the ad tech industry. While any list is bound to have its supporters and detractors, one thing remains clear: there are countless fantastic publishers out there. 

The real strength of the open internet lies in a vibrant tapestry of publishers, each reaching unique audiences and offering valuable content. The focus shouldn’t be on pitting publishers against each other but on building a strong, collaborative environment. 

Today’s challenges – fragmentation, walled gardens, and signal loss – demand a united front. Our goal should be to eliminate waste, simplify the buying process, and ensure publishers are fairly compensated for their quality content.

Transparency Builds Trust 

Here at Magnite, we understand the power of a diverse publisher network. Transparency is key. While we work with a vast majority (over 90%) of the publishers on The Trade Desk’s list, a single list can’t define “premium,” which is inherently subjective and ultimately limiting.

For us, premium publishers deliver high-quality impressions, prioritize authorized and transparent content, and adhere to data privacy regulations. Magnite’s extensive sell-side relationships allow us to offer advertisers unmatched global reach and cater to diverse audience needs.

Innovation Through Collaboration 

Publishers face a complex landscape with challenges like AI-powered competition and signal loss. They need solutions that empower them, not burden them. Building ad tech in-house shouldn’t be a necessity. Magnite’s innovative pipes provide them with the tools they need to succeed and centralize their value proposition, reducing the need to manage multiple partnerships.

A robust open internet relies on a streamlined connection between publishers and buyers. This, in turn, leads to a better user experience for audiences who see relevant ads alongside quality content. 

Championing a Thriving Open Internet 

The open internet’s vast ocean of publishers offers a diverse range of content and audiences. However, fragmentation can make it difficult for both publishers to maximize their yield and advertisers to reach their target markets effectively. 

Magnite champions a healthy open internet, advocating for better quality standards and ensuring demand reaches a diverse range of publishers, not just a select few. This investment in a broader, high-quality publisher base empowers advertisers to reach their audiences effectively, eliminating the inefficiencies of managing too many placements.

Strong publisher partnerships, like the ones we cultivate at Magnite, are the backbone of a flourishing open internet. Collaboration fosters innovation, transparency, and a better experience for everyone. Magnite is committed to supporting publishers of all sizes to create a more efficient and transparent ad ecosystem.

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